Many people ask how I keep my house so clean when I have two kids running around. My answer is; I do a little bit often.

People often say, the most cleaning that they do is the 5 minutes before someone is coming over, so I think, why not do this at least once or twice a day?

Believe it or not my house looks like a bomb has hit it sometimes, you can’t always keep it perfect with little people around, you are rushing, they are messing, things go everywhere.

Sometimes I leave the house in such a rush I come back and I don’t recgonise the place and I am never fond of this, it is much nicer to have things in order so you know where everything is plus it is very aesthetically pleasing.

I may be a little ‘OCD’ for other people’s liking but that’s just me, I can’t function and complete tasks unless I have cleanliness and order. I don’t mean to loosely use that term either or be offensive to people who have been diagnosed with OCD. I use it in all serious cause I do feel like I really require order and control in most areas of my life, but I don’t see it as a bad thing, I don’t inflict it too much on others, just myself, so if anyone is going to go crazy it’s me ;).

So here are some steps to cleaning up your house quickly and easily:

1. Go around the house and make piles of things that need to go to different areas:

• Plates, cups etc to the sink
• Toys to the toy area
• Clothing in one pile either to go back to bedrooms or to go into the laundry hamper

It makes it so much easier if you break it down and clear the hurricane before tackling a section otherwise you are doubling up on the work and you may become disillusioned in what you are doing because there is still just so much mess everywhere.

2. Move on to tackling each area:

• Lounge room; put pile of toys away, straighten cushions, tidy up throw rugs, fluff your lounge cushions
• Kitchen; put all food away, load the dishwasher, put what cannot go into the dishwasher next to the sink ready to be washed up (then or later depending on your available time/commitments)
• Take the clothing back to each bedroom

Simple things like removing the clutter and a quick tidy up make such a difference. Depending on how much time you have you would then pay more attention to each area and add in tasks such as:

• Vacuuming, washing floors
• Wiping all surfaces down
• Cleaning bathrooms
• Washing up, putting away and thoroughly cleaning all benchtops and kitchen surfaces
• Cleaning out your fridge; getting rid of old food, condiments, wiping everything out
• Cleaning out your pantry; (as above)
• Cleaning your oven
• Cleaning out your stove top exhaust fan

Cleaning schedule:

When I came home from hospital with Brooklyn I decided to make a cleaning schedule in order that I didn’t feel overwhelmed with what needed to be done and so I wasn’t just cleaning left right and centre, if I knew something required a bit of attention it made me content to know that it scheduled so I didn’t have to do it right now and could relax for now. This probably sounds crazy but it worked for me and I’m happy to share my schedule below:

Biscuits for spen and feeney
Tidy up , empty dishwasher
Tidy up after Spencer (dog)

High pressure hose clean backyard
Vacuum whole house and wash floor
Clean bathrooms
Mondays: do all washing, fold Monday night, put away on Tuesday
Wash bedding

Tue meal plan and do online shopping
J lawns, hedging

J clean pool/have chemicals tested & balance accordingly
Clean out fridge, pantry & oven

Clean ALL windows
Tidy garage
High pressure hose clean out the front

Another area of cleaning is outside

I usually do a click clean up as we have a little dog so I make sure I pick up all of his nasties on a daily basis and do a spot check before we have visitors.

I often will use a high pressure hose to clean out the back as well, it’s probably my favourite outside tool LOL I use it more than my husband does.. if only I could use it inside too.

I will also do a LITTLE bit of weeding, hedging etc but the rest I leave to my husband cause I’m not a lawn mowing kinda gal… not saying there is anything wrong with that if you are, kudos to you, but I hate the shaking of the lawn mower, it’s just not a task I enjoy at all so I just don’t go there!

Hope this helps

Meowmy x