Allergen free and worrying about milk supply

A common concern for Mumma’s who have to restrict their diet for their baby’s allergies is a possible drop in their milk supply. I had this same concern as my supply did feel like it dropped and then I was freaking out because I had been pumping at regular intervals and had 8 tubs of frozen milk in readiness for mandatory on campus sessions for uni, where I knew I’d be away from bubba for 8 hours 4 days straight and one night we accidentally left the freezer door slightly open – ARGHHHHHH I lost my shit with the milk lost down the drain!!

Anyway, there are a lot of suggestions of food products you can have to boost your supply but again I had difficulties finding things that were all allergies free.

The medical prescription drug to boost your supply HAS LACTOSE IN IT AKA DAIRY :/ so it’s no good

Boobie bikkies
Pinky McKay has some dairy & gluten free “Bobbie bikkies” see her website. I couldn’t have these though as they have eggs and soy.

Fenugreek tea
Can help but I think I’ve heard it can go either way, regardless, I always have some to hand in my cupboard and nappy bag I carry Weleda nursing tea as I find this is awesome if you also have a blocked duct!

Post feed pumping
Pump AFTER feeds (so you aren’t taking away from bubba’s milk, pump say 5-10 mins each side after feeding) you will notice you have more supply in the morning but the more you encourage your boobies the better

Power pumping
Pump for 20 minutes; rest 10 minutes
Pump another 10 minutes; rest for 10 minutes
Pump again for 10 minutes; finish

Power pumping mimics cluster feeding so it tends to help build up your supply

Disclaimer: I am not making any recommendations, just listing what I have used in the past and you must rely on your own observations and enquiries regarding the ingredients that you use to cook these meals as ingredients in pre-packaged items can change without notice. As a precaution I read every single label every single time I purchase it.

I am also not giving any medical advice, I am not equipped to do so, I am merely stating what our experience has been.

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