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Anxiety about allergy reactions

It’s kinda easy to forget or not address how much stress and a toll that the allergies can put on you .

For example, today, I had a visit from a relative bearing a home made snack. She assured me she went through every Ingredient , noting that her first spray oil contained soy so she started from scratch with one that did not.

One other thing that makes it super hard is that my bub even reacts to trace elements “may contain traces of” and “manufactured on lines with X allergen” which rules out so many extra things that I can’t take chances with..

Anyhoo… I remember this treat before I had bubs and that it is so enjoyable.

I knew I really wanted some, I didn’t eat any whilst she was here but I asked hubby when she left ; should I eat it, he said yes I think it should be ok. So I ate 2 pieces and stopped “just in case”.

Tonight 9.30pm baby stirs in his sleep… Uncommon.. First thought… Crap! Was it the slice . I ate the pieces of slice between 1&4pm , I then fed him at 630, so it probably would have passed through to my milk by then (if any allergens were in there). Crap! Is he going to be unwell. Is he going to be screaming in pain. Is he going to flare up and be itching all tomorrow . Is he then going to pass mucous and be miserable the next 4 days.

GOSH I hope not.

There is no spontaneity . You have to be rude and reject thoughtful gifts . You cannot wing it and just do what you want. You always have to think about it , check things , question people. It is never easy.

I hope I got off Scott free this time.

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