How I get stuff done; juggling

I have been on uni holidays for the last month and in that time I have redecorated and painted three rooms in our house in addition to various other activities. I might be a bit of a crazy person and can be known to burn the candle at both ends of the stick which is not always recommended… and I did learn this a bit when I ended up in hospital a few weeks ago with a bad case of mastitis, however most the time I manage to juggle a lot on my plate and remain very happy and healthy.

The thing is, I thrive on getting things done and achieving a lot. It drives me crazy to not do a lot and not get things done. Which is something I must admit I find hard at times being a Mum, that sometimes I do have to slow right down, live purely in the moment and also it means that I often do the same thing over and over and OVER with very little progress.. But don’t get me wrong though I absolutely LOVE being a Mumma, I would not change anything in the world. I love every blessed moment with my bubbas and it is good as they balance me out and stop me from just doing doing doing all the time and make me appreciate all the little amazing moments of life..

Anyhoo, people often ask how I get a lot done with two little people around so I’ll tell you what I do.

I have a sleep, feed, play routine for my bubbas

I have done so ever since I brought each of them home from the hospital. Which means that they have set sleep/feed and play times.

A routine has meant we have felt like we are always two steps ahead of the game as the babies were fed before they were at the starving (lose their shit) stage and put to bed before they were too overtired to easily settle themselves to sleep.

Some people seem to think that routines are cruel and unnatural and that they involve a lot of crying, but my experience has been the exact opposite. Maybe because I started when they were a week old, they just slipped into it easily and now I just find that it makes for two really content, well rested children.

For me as well, I am not someone who copes well on reduced or broken sleep, some people may think of this as selfish, but it is the honest truth. I cannot cope well at all, therefore in order for me to be the best Mum I can be for our children I need to also sleep well so this is an added bonus for me doing the routine.

In saying that, some people manage completely fine on less sleep or they struggle but still make it through okay, but it really is a personal choice and not one I would force my views on anyway. This is just something that has worked extremely well for my family and our bubbas.

Having a known daily routine also means I can plan things around their sleeps; appointments, outings etc etc.

It has not been a damper on our life at all. We still get out during sleep times, we just make sure that our bubba can be comfortable (in his car seat, pram or portacot) to still try and get a good sleep during his usual rest time. Some days as well we just go with the flow and then get back to it the next day, so it is not completely rigid.

We also don’t worry too much now with our older daughter BCB who is 3, as the routine set wonderful foundations for her to be a great sleeper. She still goes to bed and sleeps the same time of a night as she has since day one which is 7pm-7am but her day sleep is hit and miss these days but we still (most days anyway) get her to have a rest in bed for about an hour or so to rejuvinate all of us.

BCB goes to daycare twice during the week. On these days and during BRB’s morning and afternoon sleeps is when I “GSD” (get stuff done).

When I’m at uni I will use his morning sleep to do the set readings, afternoon I will complete a lecture using my ipod whilst folding and putting away washing, cooking dinner or cleaning up.

BRB also goes to bed at 7pm, so once they are both in bed I have more time to do subsidiary work left over from the day, or I can exercise (which I do maybe 1-2 a week these days at home), or it’s alone time with my hubby which is wonderful.

I involve my children

I think kids really love being a part of things and learning things so I involve them in my tasks or at least set up some sort of play area for them so I can supervise whilst also getting things done.

In saying this though, I certainly don’t just work work work my whole day away with them, I do what I need to do but I also spend plenty of time playing with them, lying on the floor, tickling, reading books, joining in imaginatary games, doing craft together, playing peek a boo.

Get organised, be organised

Organisation is the key to a lot of success, if you can find things easily and have systems in place this helps you so much for when you are frantic and need to do things quickly.

I have systems for basically EVERYthing at home. I can’t even think of all of them becuase I do a lot just naturally but I will add some as I think of them but here are some I can think of

Important documents; Where we don’t require originals, I scan the paper work in and save it to the cloud. I use Mega and dropbox which also means I have quick access to them via the app on my phone if necessary. I then shread the original (it’s important to shread as you never know who may come across the papers if you throw them in the bin!).

If we require originals I keep these in plastic sleeves in indexed folders for quick and easy reference. I try to keep these at minimal and really important documents are stored in the safe.

Meal planning; I plan meals for 14 nights and complete my “big” food shop around this list. It makes life so much easier to have the ingredients for dinner ready to go and when you don’t have to think about what to cook each and every night plus you save money by not frequently hitting up the shops for every ingredient.

I still do have to do a bit more frequent shopping, especially because we eat a lot of fresh produce, however I find the meal planning and fortnightly “big” shop really assists in the process.

Food shopping online; I have tried multiple methods of food shopping, from wholesale butchers and cheaper supermarkets to shopping online and I find that even with a designated list that I stick to no matter which method I adopt, I still save a lot of time and money by shopping online. I don’t know what it is but I find it really works for my family and I. Plus I love that I can shop at anytime of the day or night and I don’t forget things because I don’t have the kids there distracting me and lastly, I must admit I feel like a bit of a celebrity when my groceries are delivered right to my kitchen in bags and all I need to do is unpack, sort and put away 😉

I will add more tips as I think of them 🙂

Love Meowms x



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