Home decor; my “Hamptons” theme guest room

Those who know me well know that I absolutely love New York. I have forever. My favourite tv show growing up was Sex and the City. I love pretty much any movie set in New York.

I was fortunate enough to first visit New York in 2009 and that is when my amazing husband proposed [more on that later]. As soon as I got back home, I yearned even more to go back, everything about it; the smell (even if it is the smell of smoke and gross fried rats from the food carts ;)) the hustle and bustle, the noise, the people, the food, the shops, I love everything about it.

Another wonderful part about New York is that we are fortunate to have amazing relatives in the sister state New Jersey whom we also met for the first time in 2009.

Therefore, as soon as we could, after our wedding, we booked another trip; we started off in Europe and then made our way to the States. I loved so many parts of Europe, Paris was great, London too, but nothing is held in my heart as close as New York.. concrete jungle where dreams are made of…

Anyhoo, I have wanted to redecorate our guest room for ages and say farewell to the ugly purple, the last of the purple in our house from the previous owner so I went with a neutral theme, which I have for a lot of the house, but also wanted to point it in the direction of Hampton’s sort of colour schemes and themes so I went for duck egg blue as a quilt. I had even considered a duck egg blue feature wall or a navy blue wall but I have quite a few feature type walls around the house so I think enough is probably enough and just went with what is easy and always looks beautiful and fresh; vivid white.

I have used some existing nautical décor that I had on the existing shelves to fit into the Hampton’s type theme, although I am not 100% sure about them at this stage, they are purely on probation in there for the moment. I am not 100% on the shelves either, they fit a purpose but they aren’t all that aesthetically pleasing, they also came from the previous owner.

I also had the New York print, I love this print, I wouldn’t mind changing it to a white frame however I would need to organise a custom made frame and it’s a bit in the I couldn’t be bothered box.. The print is pre September 11 so it contains the twin towers which makes it extra special. I have strategically placed this print so it looks like you are looking through a window at the view of New York ;).

Let me know your thoughts.

Meowmy x





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