Semester two, three subjects… eek!

In the days before the uni semester starts, I often think it’d be better if there just weren’t holidays as it just throws me off my routine and it’s a rude shock to come back to but I know (hope) once I get into the rhythm again it’ll be fine.

It’s just always daunting to think about doing it again. Mainly the busyness of it all is overwhelming, knowing that there’s not much room for error or changes in the schedule and I’m going to be so busy keeping up with the daily tasks and keeping everything running smoothly. Plus I can’t keep on top of “everything” and some tasks just have to fall in the have to wait til later category which kinda kills my OCD.

I have also upped the ante doing 3 subjects this semester so it’s a next step up from what I did last semester and it is freaking me out a little..

One subject I think is going to be really interesting, one, honestly I have no idea what it will entail and the other I’m really hoping that my property law background will give me a good stead to easily understand it more in depth which the subject will provide.

So anyway, here we go, no looking back.

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