RECIPE; Nasi goreng – Wheat free,gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free

Wheat free
Gluten free
Egg free
Soy free
Dairy free

Serves 4

2 cups jasmine rice – I think any rice is okay I haven’t come across allergens in any rice packets yet

Canola oil – canola oil is usually safe, it’s more the vegetable oils that have soy in them

Tablespoon of coles sweet chilli sauce

2 carrots cut into matchsticks

200g chicken breast diced

200 green prawn meat / green prawns

2 cups shredded Chinese cabbage (“Wombok”) – if Coles & Woolworths are charing $5 for this and if you have time/energy go and pick one up from a local grocer as they should only be about $1-$2 at most. You will only need half or a quarter of the cabbage. Picture below of what it looks like.

2 tablespoons of deep fried shallots

1 teaspoon of shrimp paste

125 mls ayam Oyster sauce


1. Cook the rice in a ricecooker (or you can do stove top, which ever you prefer, I just do rice cooker as it’s easier).

2. In an electric fry pan or stovetop wok that has a lid, cook the chicken in the canola oil then add the prawns to cook.

3. Add the matchstick carrots, wombok, shallots and shrimp paste. Leave for about 20 minutes to let the carrots cook (the natural liquid from the wombok assists in steaming and cooking the carrots).

4. Once the rice is cooked add the rice, you may want to leave some out depending on your preference.

5. Lastly add the oyster sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Again you may want to add more or have less depending on your personal preference.

I hope that my meal ideas/recipes are easy enough to follow, as I’m not a chef or have any food qualifications and I’m a bit of a rough cook that I more so do things by feel/looks and taste. Would love to hear what you think.

Disclaimer: I am not making any recommendations, just listing what I have used in the past and you must rely on your own observations and enquiries regarding the ingredients that you use to cook these meals as ingredients in pre-packaged items can change without notice. As a precaution I read every single label every single time I purchase it.

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