Blog; end of first week back at uni; truth, real parenting, honesty, not perfect

Blog; end of first week back at uni; truth, real parenting, honesty, not perfect

I’m not going to pretend that I am perfect and that I always have my crap together, as I don’t. Some days everything is in order and everything flows nicely, I get a lot done and feel on top of the world. Other, chaos reigns and everything goes to shit. That’s the nature of life and parenting right?

I have reached the end of my first week back at uni. As usual it has been a rollercoaster, started low, ending high. At the end I feel happy with my studying and planning methods and feel on top of it all. This comes with a huge caveat however; as again, everything can quickly and easily fall apart!

As I am doing three subjects it means there is one morning a week where I will attempt to do one subject’s weekly reading whilst Bethenny is home (during Brooklyn’s morning sleep). I must admit I was nervous about this and also felt guilty; however it turned out quite well.

The first morning was sponsored by Peppa Pig :O. However, I ended up doing a second morning as the first took me a little longer than anticipated plus I am making sure I cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s this semester!

Anyway, Bethenny actually really enjoyed both days as we were still in the same room/in adjacent rooms and still spending time together, just both on different activities.

I am so glad I revamped our study during the break because it’s a really functional room now, she has her own little desk in here and craft setup with a few toys in the cube as well it works out really well.

Now I should re hash why day 1 started out on a low; I was not up to date with my house work, I still had the washing to be finalised for the week, I hadn’t completed the fornightly food shop which meant we were running so low I had to go down to the shops and do it in person (shock horror 😉 ), I was liaising back and fourth all day with our accountant (by email) regarding our tax returns, all of this just added to my list of things that had to be done and put a mountain of pressure on me as it takes away from time that I should have been utilising to study.

I then mucked up dinner by accidentally smashing the pepper shaker into the mash potato, thus adding glass shards in it, I burnt (see absolutely SCORCHED) my husband’s meal prep chicken, the baby was witchy as and BITING hard when feeding.

By the end of the day I wanted to toss it all in, self-doubt was soaring as to how I will do it all.

I was threatening to cut back on my uni subjects and work instead (hard to explain but there is a bit more progress and satisfaction in working in my career in comparison to studying uni by correspondence.. I’ll explain this more at a later time).

I was also threatening to stop breastfeeding, he has been biting a fair bit lately but on this day it just really agitated me that bit more, I was also craving chocolate like nothing else and cannot eat it !! Plus I just really long to be able to eat more things again, it can be so frustrating the lack of food options for me and the pain that it is just for me to feed and nourish myself.

Anyway after a good night’s sleep and re grouping the next day everything came back together. I slowly put the building blocks back together and made progress, tackling each task at a time and here I am at the end of the week, accomplished, happy, happy family and everything is wonderful all over again.

That is the rollercoaster of studying and the rollercoaster of life.

It is going to be an interesting busy semester and I look forward to sharing more on how I cope and how I balance it.

Meowmy x

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