Travelling with kids; travelling with food allergy kids

Travelling with kids; travelling with food allergy kids

We are now heavily into preparations for our trip to America next month for my husband’s besty’s wedding.

I have anxiety about what Brooklyn is going to eat over there as I make all his food from scratch here. There is one brand of pre-packaged food he can eat (selected packets of rafferty’s garden) however the meat ones don’t seem to agree with him as I imagine they would have to have some kind of preservative for the meat, whereas the fruit and veg ones are just heat treated so they seem okay and the thing is he can’t live off just fruit and veg the whole time we are there, he is one hungry boy he loves his meat so I have been trying to work out a plan.

I have made enquiries with a few places that make and sell fresh baby food so that might be an idea.

I have also made a list of restaurants that have gluten free for Bethenny and I and also managed to track down some possibilities for Brooklyn that have dairy/gluten/wheat/egg/soy free options, there is not a lot but there are a couple!

I am also taking my hand held manual food processor/chopper so if we manage to get him some things I can wiz it up a bit if I see fit as he’s still pretty used to being fed mash/textured consistency, we haven’t done a lot of “baby led weaning” with him as I feel like he doesn’t eat enough when he does it, he loses interest but then becomes hungry again very shortly thereafter so I tend to spoon feed then throw him a few things to nibble on after that.

Anyway here are my tips/plans/what we have done when we have travelled in the past, I hope they may be of some use and if you have any more be sure to let me know!

Meowmy x

Travelling with food allergies:
• Research places in advance; look up menus, write to them
• Take whatever sealed food that you can
• I am taking a hand manual food processor for Brooklyn
• I am also taking some rafferty’s garden food sachets
• Print allergy cards to give out (see below)
• Enquire with the airline and note requirements, carry on what you need to (sealed only and look into liquid and other restrictions)
• Ask the hotel if they know of any places locally
• Contact people online to see if they know of any places locally

With kids (in general):
• Check your pram at the gate if you can
• Have a baby carrier
• Take craft, toys, anything to keep older children entertained
• Pack food for the kids
• Pack HEAPS of nappies
• Pack spare clothes for everyone, you never know who may cop food or god knows what else on the flight
• Request a bassinette
• Take their comforters and usual blankets (if possible) on the plane so that they associate sleep time
• Buy black muslin to blue tack above the bassinette or look into buying a fly baby
• Make arrangements for car seats at your destination or take your own on the plane for toddlers to sit/sleep in and use when you get there
• Start your day on the time when you get there
• Make sure you and your children are fully covered on your insurance policy, look into pre-existing medical conditions – I note ours said if any of us had been in hospital for anything in the last 12 months then that will not be covered, therefore I have to pay extra for Bethenny and Brooklyn’s food allergies as they have both had hospital visits from food allergy related issues. But it’s really a small price to pay, I remember when I was in the states last time I caught bronchitis from all the smoke in Vegas and had to go to the Doctors, it cost a fortune but luckily it was fully covered under our insurance.


Mother: Gluten & Wheat
Daughter: Gluten & Wheat
Baby son:
Gluten, wheat, dairy [includes butter], egg soy
Cannot have items that say on packet “May contain traces of” or manufactured with the allergen

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