Week 2 uni; snowed under/trial part wean/food allergy reaction

Week 2 uni; snowed under/trial part wean/food allergy reaction

I started writing this on Thursday; however today is now Saturday and it’s my non uni/break day… hooray. Feels awesome, like I have really worked hard for the “day off” and feels so good to look at my diary and see nothing in there…apart from the usual; Bethenny’s swimming lesson, although admittedly, I will still probably need to buzz around and do 100 other things (Mum life).

On Thursday I was back to that point where I felt like I have been studying left right and centre. I even had a non uni day Monday and has an awesome shopping trip in Chatswood (SO many new stores there all of the EU/US shops H&M, Zara, Top Shop plus my other fave stores all remodelled to beautiful boutique stores with tonnes of new stock like Seed, Witchery, Bardot).

We caught up with my sister and her amazing hubby there and I scored some awesome buys, including stuff for me, which rarely happens as I’m too busy focusing on buying for everyone else!! (Mum life again).

So anyway I started week two on Tuesday and that all went swimmingly until the uni convenors decide to post all lectures that they should have posted last week so I then had double the lectures to do this week.. ahh thanks for that!!

Then I tried my Wednesday morning study with Bethenny but Brooklyn’s tummy was upset so it affected his sleep (as it does) and same story with the afternoon sleep so hardly got any work done and come night time I was just too tired to do anything.

Come Thursday I decide to regroup and try and tackle it all and get on top. Thankful that hubby was home to help out which was been great but I had been going at it for 7 hours and still had 10 more pages to read, 9 more cases to decipher, 7 tutorial questions and 5 more lectures to do, and we were vastly approaching day care pickup time/dinner/bath/milk time EEK. Crap

I also have no room to budge in my schedule because I have 2 assessments due early September so every day is allocated accordingly and everything needs to just stay on track.

I also began to feel concerned about how Brooklyn would fare the next few days being unwell and again the usual uneasy feeling that it’s a guessing game as to what made him unwell.

On Thursday he didn’t have his usual eczema/hives/itchy face so I was guessing that it wasn’t something(an allergen) I ate but knew something definitely upset his stomach as he was visably in pain and his nappies show same too (won’t go into detail! :P).

I can’t help but wonder if it is because I tried him on the allergist prescribed amino formula.. I did this because we are going to the states next month and I really want to formula feed him just for the time we are over there and I thought I better try and get him used to it now rather than mid-flight… anyway I was stoked that he actually took it the first night. I did add a tiny bit of rice milk to it to make it a bit sweeter and akin to breastmilk so that may have helped and I got him to have it the last 3 nights as his 6.30pm (pre bed) milk feed. If it was that it’s like 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards..

I don’t know what I am going to do though.. I have emailed to allergist to ask her about it and hopefully there is another one she can prescribe because it just feels like it would be impossible for me to breast feed and stay allergen free on our overseas holiday. For one, the airline can’t feed me; it’s gluten free OR vegan …so annoying! If I can cook myself stuff at home then why the hell can’t chefs manage to prepare the same ??

Also, when we get there, I could “do my best” like I do here and try get all safe food but there is a high chance of a slip up and then what happens if he gets sick over there .. it would be terrible.. so I figure the best thing to do is to just give him formula whilst he is over there, I will control what he eats over there and that way there is less chance of him getting sick.

It always so complicated.

Saturday he is STILL unwell as well and now does seem to have the eczema, hives and passed mucous so maybe it wasn’t the formula as it’s showing more similar to his allergic reaction now but that means it could be something that I still have in my diet and if so it’s an undisclosed allergen as I always check everything.

Hmm…. I have no idea and will just have to see how he goes. It is so damn frustrating. I really am at the point where I’m pretty keen to just fully wean him cause then at least I could control exactly what he is eating and just stick to it until we see the allergist again in Nov..

Love Meowmy

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