Life after restricted diet for breastfeeding with food allergies

As the end of my journey is nearing I can’t help but wonder if I am going to ever feel the same about allergy foods again. What I mean is will I even desire the foods again?

I know what I miss the most out of the three and that’s eggs! Eggs were my go to protein breaky and are great in so many other things.. but it’s weird as the thought of eating eggs at the moment gives me the heeby jeebies.. so I wonder if that feeling is going to go.. all I think about is how sick they make Brooklyn so they’re kinda dead to me..

Dairy.. hmm.. I really do not miss cows milk one bit! I know I won’t even go back to drinking it. I love my rice milk tea, almond milk smoothies/coffees. The thought of a glass of milk pretty much does also gross me out.. I read more and more as well about how we don’t need dairy and should not over indulge in it anyway and I think my body definetely agrees to being dairy free. When I went gluten and wheat free (for my own allergies) I remember that I didn’t feel bloated after food anymore and removing dairy even better improves that feeling!

CHEEESE… okay yes you got me I do miss cheese. I look at it in the supermarket like porn.. it’s the forbidden fruit that I do want. I don’t want the basic really digustingly processed cheese either, I want a really good quality one to make it worthwhile but apart from that I am really not going to be having an abundence of cheese.

Chocolate.. again it’s pretty dead to me. I never thought I would ever say that but I am so glad that I can now say that. I do not (well pretty much never) crave chocolate anymore. I don’t crave sugar either. It’s a wonderful thing! I can’t even eat hardly any cacao chocolate because of the traces of milk / soy / eggs etc so I am pretty much 0 chocolate! I will admit on the odd occasion I have thought about eating a twirl bar (like a flake but with an extra layer of chocolate) but again I really do feel differently about it and it will never be the same again.

Soy.. I never realised how many products contain soy or traces of soy, it’s evil!! So I will be happy to be able to have traces again, like go back to my Carmen’s muesli for breaky and things like that. Apart from that I haven’t really missed anything.. yeah maybe gluten free soy sauce or tamari but again, when you’ve eliminated so much, those finer things just become nothing, you just gain this level of acceptance that you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Allergies do make my life harder in so many ways but in some ways I am grateful for them in showing me what we should really be eating so we can be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

I do hope for Brooklyn that he will grow out of them or at least be able to tolerate some as it will be incredibly hard for him as he grows up but the good thing is we have eat well as a base so anything in addition to that will only be sparingly and we know what is best and will stick to that.

This post might sound funny or gluttinous or hard to understand to anyone who hasn’t had to eliminate food because of an allergy or even more so for their bubba’s allergy and a completely selfless reason but this is how it really is.

Meowmy x

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