List of commercial baby foods trialling for our overseas trip

I am compiling this list mainly for my ease of reference (although happy if it helps anyone else) as I am introducing some pre packed/commercial foods for us to take overseas with us next month “just in case” and want to be sure he doesn’t react to any.

Of course I am checking all labels and ensuring they don’t contain allergens but I just need to check he is okay with them as he is only really used to me cooking his own meals from scratch.

28/8 trialled:

Vegetables (Carrot, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Peas, Onion, Capsicum)(42%)*, Water, Rice (6%)*, Chicken (5%)*, Tomato Pureee*, Quinoa*, Olive Oil*, Salt*, Parsley*, Garlic*, Pepper*.

**no issues with trial**

29/8 trialled:

Vegetables (Carrot, Onion (11%), Peas (6%), Tomato (7%))*, Water, Ground Rice*, Lamb (6%)*, Wild Rice (2%)*, Tomato Paste*, Herbs*.

King Brooklyn would not eat this at room temperature.. We went out for lunch today and I thought it would be super easy to try another one but Mister had to have it heated.. you can heat them by sitting them in a bowl of hot water so I will be sure to pack my thermos for our trip 🙂

Also trialled:

Ingredients: Banana (80%)*, Blueberries (7%)*, Water, Quinoa (2%)*, Vanilla Extract*, Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Food Acid (Citric Acid) *Certified Organic Ingredients

I tried some of this myself and it tasted damn good!! It says it contains 18grams of sugar which is high for my liking but they don’t usually add sugar to these so I imagine it is natural sugar from the blueberries..anyway it might be a breakfast option just for the trip.

** No issues with trial **

30/8 trialled:


Organic pumpkin (22%), organic sweet potato (22%), organic tomato (20%), organic brown rice (17%), organic onion (9%), water (4%), organic spinach (2%), organic vegetable oil (2%), organic sweet paprika & garlic (2%). Total organic ingredient = 100%

He wasn’t fussed on this one! I think too mushy it’s more for younger babies.. he’s quite used to textured foods now.

** No issues with trial **

1/9 trialled:



Again he was not fussed on this, I thought again because I tried it out and about and it was room temp only but I heated it when we got home but he still wasn’t fussed.

I also tried this one (below) and he did like it but then I realised it has strawberries in it and the last time he had actual strawberries he ended up with acidic diarhoea that gave him really bad nappy rash and it affected his sleep so I am holding off on all strawberries for now.

He did not get any face rashes so I wouldn’t say he is allergic but they definetely seem too acidic for him at the moment.




**same story with him having just a little bit of that strawberry packet – upset his stomach, acidic poo , a bit of mucous, nappy rash, strawberries definetely a no go for now**

Thinking over all, the best ones were the vegetable chicken risotto and the lamb risotto. They didn’t cause any issues, kept him full and happy. They are in line with the casseroles I make him too so I think that’s what I’ll be taking with me! I just need to work out which to take for his breakfast now but there are a few options. He usually has fresh steamed & pureed pear with rice cereal at home so I will find something similar to take along.

Not long to go now!! Eek.. excited 🙂 all the prep is coming together too!

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