Dairy (+soy.egg.gluten.wheat) free hack for a creamy sauce/creamy dressing

I am rather random when it comes to food, I’ll give anything a try and don’t like to be confined by the norms..what’s the worse that can happen right?

Anyway, One thing I have really missed is potato bake. Not that I used to have it often but of course when you can’t have it you really badly want it.

Another thing I have really missed is mayonaise and ranch type dressings. We have always had whole egg mayonaise – the one we buy is dairy free but it was the item that started me on the realisation last year that he couldn’t have egg either. Anyway I haven’t found a suitable substitute until now.

Masterfoods tartare sauce…


Say what?! Yes.. sounds weird, but trust me it is really DAMN good.

For the potato bake I peeled and sliced the potatoes and smeared a whole jar all over them, cooked it in the oven in the usual fashion and it tasted amazing!! I have in the past made potato bake with horseradish cream and it tasted a bit like this.. SO GOOD. Husband thought I was cray cray coming up with the idea but he agreed that it tasted pretty damn good.

Then today, I thought, why not extend my idea for a salad dressing.. I made a spinach/chicken/beetroot/cucumber/tomato/avocdo salad with 2 teaspoons of tartare sauce plus 1/4 cup of white vinegar and again it impressed.

I love Masterfoods, a lot of their items are safe for us, they seem to have a commitment to making products that don’t have a lot of the allergens in them as I have found many safe Masterfoods items.

As always however, be sure to read the label for yourself everytime before consuming

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