Allergy free meal ideas: Wheat,gluten,dairy,egg,soy free

Allergy free food ideas:
(Wheat/Gluten/dairy/egg/soy free)


Cooked spinach, mushrooms, tomato with avocado side options; smoked salmon, slice of homemade bread (see my food link here: )

• “Allergy Safe” muesli and coconut yoghurt or almond/rice milk

Banana smoothie with almond milk, spinach, strawberries, chia seeds, other fruits to your liking plus you can add coconut yoghurt or a safe protein powder if you’d like.

In the past I have had naturopath supplied Bio Ceuticals protein powder but this was before I was also +egg/soy/dairy free, I am pretty sure it is dairy, egg and soy free though as it’s made from brown rice. I have recently spotted the product is available at the prescriptions counter at my local Mega Save chemist also: You would need to ask and ensure it is right for you before using, again I am just stating what I have done in the past based on advice just specified for me.

Freedom cereals; a lot of these are wheat/gluten/dairy/egg/soy free, however some of these give me tummy pains, I don’t know what it is, I think it could be because a lot of them contain a lot of psyllium husk but I’m not 100% sure so I really don’t eat a lot of these

Home made toast with nuttlex and vege spread (see my food link here: )


Chicken salad Slow cook a plain roast chicken to eat across a couple of days as a chicken salad. See my link here: for a yummy ranch dressing hack.

Salmon salad tinned salmon is one of my favourite things to have in the cupboard as a go to lunch. I have my salmon with white vinegar, a bit of onion and salt and pepper and it is the best thing ever. I mix this with any salad or I’ll have it on rice cakes or quinoa crisps.

Tuna salad same as above. As always CHECK LABELS – some contain soy.

Grilled salmon fillet spoil yourself with some fresh salmon cook it up on the grill with a bit of nuttelex and then garnish with some fresh lemon and a home made salad… delicious

Left overs make more dinner and set it aside so you have something for lunch the next day

Ham and avocado on rice cake/quinoa crisps or ham salad If I buy ham I always opt for the least processed version, I know it’s still not great but it’s a go to protein option and is enjoyable, I get leg ham and have it with some avo or in a salad. It is quite flexible your options to have it with.

Rice paper rolls use some of the slow cooked chicken plus rice noodles (see food link here – use the noodles that I use for my chicken soup: ) Add some sweet chilli sauce (also in my food link) and some avocado, cucumber, carrot, any salads that are of interest to you. You could also do the same with tuna or salmon.


• See my recipe lists and I will continue to add more
• Also see my blog list as to what I feed our allergy children

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