Other recommended allergy friendly recipe sites:

I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due so here is a list of some fabulous tried and tested recipes. This will be an ongoing list so check back for more recipes as time goes by.

If you would like to be featured on this list please contact me: michelle@iammeowms.com or by private message @iammeowms on facebook.

Fruit Salad Sorbet:

Wholefoods simply:
I cannot link just one recipe on this site, she has so many amazing ones and I love her stories along the way. Highly recommended:

“31 gluten and dairy free slow cooker meals”
I cooked some of these and it gave me some good inspo for my fortnightly meal plan and food shop. Please note you may have to adapt some for your allergies, for example I had to make sure I could make ours also egg and soy free as well:

GLUTEN free meal ideas ((nb free from gluten only))



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