Blog; mixed feelings about mixed feeding

Blog; Mixed feelings about mixed feeding.

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Getting ready for our trip and slowly dropping feeds. Not feeding overseas as its too hard and feel it’s too risky to avoid him getting sick. I don’t want to spend the whole time negotiating meals and worrying about him getting sick because someone has stuffed my meal up.

He is down to 3 feeds a day as it is anyway but I really wanted to space out dropping them as I got mastitis when I weaned Bethenny and I got mastitis even worse 2 months ago and ended up in hospital :/ so I have really spaced them out this time and I’m actually down to 1 breastfeed now per day and 2 neocate feeds.. I’m stoked that he is actually taking and enjoying the formula and not spitting it like he was initially and that it isn’t upsetting his stomach.

It’s funny though as I love the bond and cuddles when breastfeeding however I think it’s just as special and beautiful giving him a bottle, seeing him enjoy it and the cute little noises that they make.

Although part of me thinks maybe I should just keep up one feed a day until he goes across to rice / almond milk at 14 months, but then it means I’ll need to pump & dump on our holiday and it’s just an additional thing for me to do / think about so I don’t know, maybe I should just cut myself some slack and call it a day when we leave. He will be 12 months old.

Soo indecisive, am I ready to stop ? Also, once I go overseas and eat less restricted again would I want to come back and go back to being more restricted again?

I really don’t know. I still can’t even imagine eating all the other foods again. My willpower is so strong , I can be so defiant in my mind that I can just close off options and be so absolutely set on one way only. I feel somewhat weird about letting down my guard, giving up feels a bit like I am giving in if that makes sense ?! What I mean is because it was damn hard to get used to and now I’m so used to it I don’t remember any other way. I don’t know i probably sound like a ranting crazy person right now but my thoughts about it are all over the shop.

I think I am ready but it is just the end of a journey, end of an era. Means my baby is growing up. Means I am one person again and there will be more of a separation now between my bubba and I, it just feels a bit weird.

One positive though is that I can stop him doing the ‘crocodile death roll’ during nappy change by multitasking the nappy change at bottle time.

Meowmy x

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