More allergy free food inspo; what we’re eating today

I took my little man for a walk down to Woolworths today as we are running low on his casserole and there wasn’t a lot of lunch food for me either, I’m a bit tuna’d out at the moment and that’s all we had in the cupboard.

Anyway I got him some things to do a casserole which should last him for lunch & dinner over the next week:


It contains:

* 1kg Half leg of lamb
* Pumpkin
* Spinach
* Zucchini
* Potato
* Brown rice
* Quinoa

Once it is slow cooked I will put everything (minus the lamb bone) into the food processor then pour into freezer ice cube trays in readiness for his meals.

I should probably just start buying more of our food and giving him the same because there is more and more he can have now but I still maintain that he needs to be spoon fed mushy food first and then he gets extras from our meal after that.

I also got ingredients for my lunch.. SOOO good:


Potato hash with smoked salmon, blanched spinach, Masterfoods tartare sauce (again my hack comes into play – it is dairy/egg/soy/wheat/gluten free: ) and avocado.

Potato hash is just made by grating potato, squeezing some of the liquid out of it and then grilling it.

Hoping my husband isn’t looking at this lol as it sure puts a damper on the chicken salad I packed for him 😉 love.

I am LOVING masterfoods and their non food allergy items, so in line with that theme I am making marinated chicken nibbles with brown rice and vegetables:


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