Blog; Travelling with food allergies: Await the headlines: Crazy food allergy Mum gets detained by customs & border protection

So I am doing our last online food shop before our trip. To save me some time and assist with logistics I am ordering what I can to take with us for Brooklyn as I’m still nervous about what he can eat over there and want to cover all bases.

I have looked up the guidelines and I am mindful of same but HOLY CRAP I am nervous that I am going to get drilled / detained / have food confiscated. I am not taking commercial quantities but I’m just concerned something might go wrong. I feel like I might just declare everything just in case.

Usually I am pretty good at persuading people to achieve what I want 😉 but I remember from our last trips the customs officers are very angry and mean :O I can see already that they might out muscle me even if I do have a logical argument..

I obtained a letter from the allergist already, confirming Brooklyn’s allergies AND I guess worse comes to worse we will work something out. It’s just me being me.. trying to tick every box and have contingency plans. This trip is definetely going to test my OCD…

We also have to take medications just in case – claritine, buscapan, kids panadol, nurofen, so I have also looked that up (info below).

We are also taking Neocate (allergist prescribed) formula, because the moment that I eat my gluten free meal on the plane (Dairy/Egg/Soy/Wheat/Gluten free not available =( ) is the moment that my boobies are no good to my little boy anymore… *Sigh*. He is going to be on formula until 14 months (as recommended for his nutritional requirements) so he will just have that the whole time we are there. Formula kinda makes logistics a bit easier anyway to evidence rather than taking almond or rice milk on the plane. That’s one thing that’s sooo hard – when your bub is not only allergic to dairy but also allergic to soy as everytime the next option to cows milk is soy milk – grr.

Anyway I have pasted some guidelines below for assistance with travelling with kids and travelling with allergies:

Travelling with Children

Travelling with medicines

Travelers bringing food into the U.S. for personal use
(Info specific for our trip)

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