Dairy/Egg/Soy/Wheat/Gluten free kids snacks

These are some of the snacks I have purchased for the plane ride and to take overseas with us.

They are all dairy/egg/soy/wheat & gluten free.

They don’t have have “traces of” and also are not “manufactured with” any of the above allergens as we cannot have traces of.

*Freedom foods rice flakes; breakfast cereal: I got this just so we have a quick and easy breakfast available as a backup. It’s not something we would usually eat for breakfast but it’s just something to have to hand as I don’t like our chances of explaining to our kids that there’s nothing they can eat and they have to wait til we can find something.

*Orgran itsy bitsy choc chip biscuits

*Coles brand rice cakes

*Aldi fruit and nut packs

*Orgran Quinoa Crispbread

*Cool pack (ORIGINAL – note NOT butter) popcorn


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