Our overseas holiday with 1 and 3 year old food allergy bubbas (Part 2)

Part 2

Day 3 Citadel Outlets

We had a shopping day at the outlets, always good fun! There is a Disney outlet there as well so that was amazing!

Breakfast we went to Denny’s Diner. I found they had a lot of gluten free options as part of their regular menu so Bethenny and I were set.

I obtained a separate allergy menu to see what Brooklyn could eat. They had plenty of dairy free options and some dairy and egg free options but then SO MUCH is cooked in soya bean oil … sigh… I managed to get him some “sausage links” it’s the sausage they use in omelettes usually so just diced up sausage (before it has touched the omelette) and it was dairy/egg/soy/gluten/wheat free and the chef said he would steam it to ensure it didn’t pick up any soy oil from the grill so Brooklyn absolutely loved this. He also had a tonne of fruit.

That’s another tip; you can always swap your fries for fruit so we did this on various occasions to make our meals healthier plus fruit is always a good safe option for the kids.

Lunch we went to Ruby’s diner, they weren’t extremely knowledgeable about allergies so I decided not to risk Brooklyn and gave him pre-packaged food however Bethenny and I managed to have a burger as they had gluten free buns (chips are not gluten free however so again we had fruit). The burgers were really delicious and I have not had a burger in years. It was just plain mince with salad and their special mayonnaise and cheese so they confirmed it was all gluten free.

Day 4 Universal Studios

There are loads of restaurants/cafes at Universal. The website lists which places have allergy free food: http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/site-content/uploads/2016/09/16-ONL-18992-Dietary-Needs-Food-Guide-2016_FM-Cropd.pdf

The staff were friendly and helpful, I just specified our allergies and double checked to be sure. We opted to give Brooklyn his own food here and Bethenny and I just had gluten free as we found this easiest as it’s still tricky with Brooklyn.

The Mexican place was also closed on the day that we went and that was probably the closest option for Brooklyn, as the gluten free bread often has egg or soy so that rules it out for Brooklyn.

We used the first aid room to heat his meal as they didn’t seem to have a parents room, just use of the disabled toilets in the regular toilets to take the kids in with you and it also has a change table in there.

I picked Bethenny up a treat from the Harry Potter lolly shop and I felt bad as Brooklyn didn’t have anything, I know he’s only a baby and I don’t like to give him sugar but I felt like he was missing out and he felt it too, he was watching his sister and grabbing for her gluten free chocolate mousse so I rummaged the store and the only dairy/egg/soy/gluten/wheat free item I found was a massive lollypop so I purchased that for him. I knew he wouldn’t eat the whole thing and I wondered how I could let him have a few licks then grab it off him but he solved that himself by dropping it after a few licks lol. That didn’t stop people glaring and giving me evils that walked past.

Funny about judgment isn’t it. You can judge and think you know everything and think wow what a shit Mum giving her child that huge lollypop, little do they know the truth behind the reason he had that size treat.

Day 5

We took it pretty easy this day as the busy-ness was all catching up with us and we had a few pre wedding errands to run. We got Chipotle again for lunch as it is yum, fresh and we knew it was safe for Brooklyn. He loved another burrito bowl with me it contained chicken/lettuce/guacamole/tomato salsa/brown rice.

Chipotle: https://chipotle.com/allergens

I also went to Star Bucks at one of the malls and had a mochacino. The lady there was friendly and let me look at the packet to check the ingredients so I found it was safe. They also have almond and soy milk as milk alternatives.
I stumbled across this after our visit (vegan – dairy & egg free guide to Starbucks):


On this day we also visited Target. Target America has food! HEAPS of dairy free things too especially in the freezer section. Ben and Jerry’s has dairy free ice cream (it has soy however so it is a no for Brooklyn).

There is another dairy free brand though called ‘Daiya’ and also ‘so delicious dairy free’ they seem to have a lot more dairy free options than we do at home. I have since discovered they have almond milk yoghurt and coconut yoghurt (we have CoYo at home).

I picked Brooklyn up a kid’s meal from there that had chicken, sweet potato and vegetables and was dairy/egg/soy/wheat/gluten free. We also picked up some plain popcorn and fruit.

We also visited Aldi – all in the same area. Aldi in America is even better than here. The fresh produce was SOOO cheap, not sure if it’s just cause of the time of year or what, but avocados were .39c, blueberries $1.39 etc etc… We picked some up as they are always good options for Brooklyn to eat if nothing else is available. They also have frozen gluten free meals, a lot of which are also dairy free and egg free but again bloody soy is the thing that stops us as they contained soy. I should do a mindmap of food allergy foods:

Gluten free -> YES
Dairy free -> YES
Egg free -> NO or .> YES… Soy Free -> NO

Soy in America was our massive road blocker! Damn multiple allergies. It’s not so hard when you have 1 or 2.. but having 5 makes it damn hard.

I will fill you in on the third and final part to our trip on another blog. I tend to write a lot so I’m trying to break it up for you 🙂

Meowmy x



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