Balancing studying when life takes over

Balancing studying when life takes over

Some days life just really takes over and uni goes out the window. It doesn’t always happen but it’s kinda inevitable at times. It has happened the last two days and now I’m a little bit behind, ick.. I’ll get back on top but just means I have overflow work that I’ll have to do after hours etc now.

I am almost at the end of the semester however.. final weeks and prepping for exams next month.. woohoo!

I can’t believe that I’ve made it through 3 subjects with 2 children, I’m actually quite proud as my results have been up there too. I was so doubtful at the commencement wondering how I would do 3 subjects and also keep up with everything else, we have had a busy few months even outside of my uni…

People ask how I do it, all I can say is dedication, planning and organisation. I have to take the approach that uni is like a part time job. I can’t just fob it off, I must keep on top and complete what I am required to do each and every week. I must start assessments early and do a little bit often. I must be persistent and concise.

I have been studying about 3/4 days a week this semester to get it all done, however 3 of those 4 days is only really about 3 hours a day now, I have improved my speed reading and I listen to my lectures at 2x the speed on my iphone which actually brings them to quite a normal speech pace. The only full study days I tend to pull is for assessments.

Anyway.. less procrastination, more studying, I have 124 pages to read now, 3 hours worth of 2 speed lectures to get back on top of and a major research essay due on Monday.. wish me luck.

Meowmy x

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