Blog; my career passion law; completing animal law

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Blog; my career passion law; completing animal law

I have just been approved a waiver to complete the animal law subject over Summer.. exciting

I have been looking forward to completing this subject ever since enrolling in the degree as I am extremely interested to get to know more about legislation with regard to animals.

I am passionate about lobbying for better laws as I do not feel like enough is done currently however I do not know enough about it to form solid opinions and have solid answers, therefore I would absolutely love to hear from my passionate and experienced friends about what more you think could/should be done.

Once I am admitted as a Lawyer, as a commitment to the 10 hour annual suggested pro bono target I would love to utilise this time for those who don’t have a voice that can be be heard.

My Lecturer for the subject is the Senior Policy Officer at the RSPCA and holds a PhD in Animal Law, therefore is held in high regard.

This is the subject outline FYI:

This unit is concerned with the role of the law in regulating our interactions with animals. This unit considers the important philosophical, ethical, legal and regulatory questions regarding the treatment of animals. How should animals be treated in modern-day society?

Why are some animals afforded greater protections than others? How does one determine what is necessary and unnecessary harm in the treatment of animals? Should animals be conceptualised as personal property or afforded some or all of the protections available to legal persons under the law? Students will be exposed to a range of ideas that will inform their analysis of the contemporary animal welfare legislative framework.

Regulatory arrangements will be examined and contrasted in relation to: companion animals; farm animals; animals used in commercial food (or other) production; wildlife, including protected species; and animals used in scientific experimentation, zoos and circuses.

Significant international developments in animal law will be considered, and avenues for public interest litigation explored. Throughout the course, students will be presented with practical case-studies and a rich diversity of perspectives from a range of expert speakers. This unit is designed to be interactive and thought-provoking in which previous conceptions and assumptions regarding non-human animals are challenged.

I would love to hear from you.

Meowmy x

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