Our overseas trip with 1 and 3 year old food allergy bubbas (part 3-final)

Our overseas trip with 1 and 3 year old food allergy bubbas (part 3-final)

Between bubba Brooklyn being sick with tonsilitis and writing a major research essay I kinda got carried away and forgot to post my final installation of our trip.

Day 6 San Diego

This day was a massive whirlwind. We got up at 7, literally all got dressed, got into the car and had fruit for breakfast on the drive from Anaheim to San Diego. The trip is meant to take an hour and a half but there was traffic so I can’t remember exactly how long it took us.

When we got there we attempted to check in to our hotel but the staff informed me check in was not until 4pm and they were not the least bit helpful to try and get us in any sooner.

We then met up with our friends which happened to be the groom and groomsmen for the wedding my husband was in and they were going to Hooters for lunch so Bethenny, Brooklyn and I joined them – lol! We were so hungry by this point but the menu did not allow much at all for food allergies.

Gluten free was about the best they could do – shrimp and a chicken salad. The chicken salad had cheddar cheese in it. You could make it dairy free by asking for no cheese but the chicken seemed to be cooked in soy so again Brooklyn would have his own pre-packaged food but by this point of the trip he was well and truly over that food or the spoon feeding or both – as he was getting sick of spoon feeding at home too; hitting the spoon away and just wanting to feed himself. This kinda threw a spanner in the works as there wasn’t always finger food around for him to eat so again he lived off lots of fruit. Even plain popcorn at times, Orgran quinoa crisp bread and rice cakes.

That made me feel guilty but there really wasn’t much I could do. We were running low on time, places weren’t extremely allergy friendly so all I could do was do my best and at the end of the day he was still eating and was still healthy and happy.

After more rushing, getting a bit lost and navigating a huge college campus to find the church we got there about 5 minutes before the ceremony and I rushed the kids in after changing my dress in the car park. It was a beautiful Church, area and ceremony. Brooklyn was still hungry and got a bit cranky because he wanted to eat more so I had to take him and Bethenny outside, at this point Bethenny saw Dadda up the front (in the bridal party) so she wanted to go to him but thankfully exited the building with no fuss – that could have been bad lol.

We went to the gardens just adjacent to the church and whilst I dug out some more fruit for Brooklyn and kept him quiet, she snuck into the memorial rose garden and stole some roses “for Daddy” :O (Sorry Scott & Ann if you are reading this!!!). She watched Daddy from the adjacent room and wanted to take her flowers in to Daddy but did so well and listened to my instructions to stay put.

At this point I also got her into her wedding attire, did her hair, fixed my hair, put some make up on, put on my high heels and got Brooklyn changed.. ta da we were finally wedding ready haha..

After the wedding I saw Josh briefly and we agreed I should go back to the hotel and try check in. It would be my first time driving in America, also not knowing the area and driving in 7 inch heels (maybe more?).. but I pulled it off. I also managed to unload some of the car and then dash to the reception.

The reception was at the Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego. The wedding co-ordinator was fabulous, she approached me and asked our allergies (I mentioned to the bride and groom in advance). I didn’t expect Brooklyn to be catered for, but he was. She asked for suggestions as to what he could have so I said grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and more fruit, so that is what he had, he fed himself and was extremely happy. She also pleasantly told me that all of the buffet food was gluten free – amazing- Bethenny & I sorted too.. tasted really good too!

Day 7 San Diego

We did some more shopping this day and tried to take it a bit easy as again we were exhausted. To be honest I can’t exactly remember what we ate. I know we went to Denny’s again for dinner and Brooklyn had what they called chicken sausage, but it was like a chicken breast patty, he also had steamed vegetables. I almost gave him some corn but luckily I remembered it contained butter.

Bethenny and I shared a caramel sundae. This was my first ice cream in forever since my period of being dairy free when I was breastfeeding Brooklyn, so it was pretty damn good. Plus back at home not a lot of these are gluten free, whereas in America a lot more things are as they love their corn syrup (yeah I know it’s bad :P).

Day 8 Beverley Hills

No trip to California would seem right unless I took my baby girl to Rodeo Drive. So that is what we did. We made the trek from San Diego to Beverley Hills. It took about 2 and a half hours with some traffic.

There were only about 3 cafes around and they were hopeless with allergies! They didn’t even have much gluten free and didn’t know what I was talking about – what the.. since when wouldn’t there be celebrities who are gluten free?

We settled on this place in a beautiful courtyard and I got a chicken, avocado and mango salad. Brooklyn again refused to eat his pre-packaged food and was refusing to drink water, it was ridiculously hot – 40 degrees but felt hotter, really dry heat and I was worried about him and he showed interest in my mango, so I washed the tiny bit of feta cheese off my mango with water and gave it to him. Whatever residue was on there though was enough to make him sick  I should have known that but to be honest my concern over him not eating and drinking in the heat was higher than me thinking extremely about the cows milk protein remaining on the mango so it just happened, a stupid slip up but you just can’t always be perfect.

His symptoms didn’t show until later that evening when we were on the plane. We just happened to not get a bassinette on the way home as well. The bassinette seat was to the left of us but they gave it to people without a child. In fact, it was only one other couple and us that had babies and the airline didn’t give either of us bassinette seats on this trip – seems to stupid but anyway..

Day 9 Flight home

At LAX airport I had a really yummy dairy and gluten free dinner at a Vegan restaurant. It had soy in it though (but this was ok as I was no longer breastfeeding and I did not give Brooklyn any – shame I couldnt as it was delicious!!) http://www.realfood.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/RFD_MENU_SEP2016_MAIN_DRINKS.pdf


So anyway, Brooklyn fell asleep in his pram at 7. The flight was 10.55pm. I transported him asleep to my arms but after about an hour he got really uncomfortable being on me, he’s quite big and he’s not used to sleeping on me, I knew this would happen, not having a bassinette. So I asked again if there is anything they could do for us, they said no. He started to really get peed off as he’s so used to just sleeping peacefully and comfortably so he just began to get really overtired and had stomach pains so he began to scream and “go backwards”, I walked him around but it didn’t really do much.

People were getting annoyed and giving me evils. At this point I actually wanted them to complain so that the staff might actually do something for me but I ended up going to find another staff member to plead our case again for a bassinette and she arranged for me to swap spots with the person to the left of us so I could put him in the bassinette. That was much better and he slept a lot better. He still had stomach and wind pains through the night though and just as we were about 5 minutes from home he had an explosive poo so I quickly got him inside and popped him in the bath.

He had eczema on his face and on his body, but no itchy welts on this occasion. We were home about 12noon our local time and he went down for his usual afternoon sleep a bit early and slept fine. He also slept fine again that night, back to his usual 7pm-7am, he did stir once about 4am – strangely, we all did though.. that was around lunchtime LA time so something seemed to be significant about that as Josh and I would do the same the next few nights but the kids were fine, they adapted so easy in and out of different time zones, it was amazing, they were amazing.

We had a wonderful trip and I would do it again with the blink of an eye.

Money cannot buy you happiness but it can lead you to amazing experiences. The children loved the new experiences, we loved the new experiences. Yes, some bits were hard, especially with the food allergies but it was all worth it for every single memory, every single photo, every single smile, we will look back and remember this trip forever.

It has also shown us that we can do it and it’s not as hard as some people make out and now we can’t wait to do it again sometime and explore more places with our children, show them the world.

It also gave me perspective of the bigger picture… a reminder to have gratitude for what we do have here; clean and nice tasting drinking water, access to healthy and allergy free foods, a kitchen that I can easily make nutritional, tasty, allergy free meals for my family, a beautiful home, a comfortable bed, my own pillow!! Laws that protect us as consumers, laws that protect our human rights, easy access to amazing health care, we have so much right in this country and right in our homes, so much to be grateful for and enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing of our adventures.

If I think of any further tips I will be sure to add them in future.

Meowmy x

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