Sydney night noodle markets; allergy free options

I have been meaning to write about this šŸ™‚ last weekend we went to the Noodle Markets in Hyde Park in the city.

I have wanted to go there for a while, I think I wanted to go last year but bub was very young and I was just figuring out his food allergies so I just threw it in the too hard basket but it was fun checking it out this year.

Josh, Brooklyn and I got there just on 5 – as Brooklyn eats at 5pm pretty much every day but it worked out really well as it was just before it got really crowded.

I was surprised that there weren’t more websites that tell you what they have allergen wise.. hardly any even stating gluten free so I am going to tell you what I found.

Although now in saying that I have found they’ve actually added this menu to their page and there are gluten free, vegetarian and a few vegan (dairy & egg free) options:

Because I am no longer breastfeeding, I am just gluten free now so I had:

Spanthai; chicken pad thai.

Gluten free.

I would assume this is may be also dairy free but definetely NOT soy free and NOT egg free. It was pretty tasty and my first pad thai in over a year since changing my diet for Brooklyn’s allergies.

This isn’t marked on the list as gluten free but the sign in front of the store shows it as gluten free and it definetely was šŸ™‚

Ghost kitchen; popcorn chicken

Gluten free.

Nutie Donuts; strawberry donut

Gluten AND Dairy free!!! Delicious.. this was actually my first donut in years as I haven’t had a gluten free donut. It was pretty damn sweet as I’m not really used to really sugary things now but it was good. I shared it with Josh so half was really enough for me šŸ™‚ apparantelly they do vegan donuts too so you can get dairy and egg free. The menu says there is a vegan cherry ripe one.

I packed Brooklyn his own food as I wasn’t sure what he could eat and he was really happy with that. It was a lamb casserole and I used my thermos – heated it all before we left and it was perfect temp when we got there. He also enjoyed his milk down there and then we left on his bedtime and then transported him to bed from the car asleep. It was a lovely night.

One place I have to warn you about though that was BAD with allergies was ‘Korean chip on a stick’ they were giving out samples and we asked the lady if it was gluten free, she said yes it was but seemed a bit at sea with her response.. I could tell Josh was hesitant, he didn’t say it but I could just tell he seemed uneasy but I ate a bit anyway. We then went up to the actual food truck to ask them and possibly order one and they told us it wasn’t gluten free, it was about then my mouth started itching and I realised I had no anti-histamines for myself so off to the chemist we went.

The markets are on all of October and are worth checking out but I recommend you get there early to beat the crowds.

We parked in a Wilson paid parking spot close by. It’s $15 if you enter after 5pm on weekdays probably same rate all day on weekends not sure šŸ™‚






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