Blog; Post 12 month immunisations

Day 6 past 12 month vaccinations and his tummy is still so messed up. The nurses said day 6 is when the MMR component tends to show its symptoms and he’s got the runny nose now that is one of the symptoms but he woke up last night so many times thirsty .

He usually sleeps all night 7pm-7/730am and has done since he was 7 months old yet last night he woke between almost every sleep cycle needing help to find his spill proof sippy cup (I leave it in the cot with him every night).

I can imagine the MMR symptoms would cause the thirstiness and that would coincide with what the nurse said but I don’t understand the stomach upset, is it the small remnants of the chicken fibroblast – which from what I understand is egg..
Not posting this to arise anti Vaxxer debates, I fully stand by our choice. It is a utilitarian decision for us that the good outweighs the bad but I just don’t get it and it’s frustrating that no one has been able to explain it.

Has anyone else experienced this with their baby with/without food allergies ? x

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