RECIPE: French Toast (dairy,egg,soy,wheat,gluten free)

RECIPE: French Toast (dairy,egg,soy,wheat,gluten free)


I am always after new breakfast ideas so I tried something new this morning.

I used my home made Orgran bread for Brooklyn ( and “Pure Bred” gluten free store purchased bread for Bethenny (Brooklyn can’t have it because it contains egg; most their breads are dairy free & soy free however):

I then used approx 1 banana per 2 slices of bread and 1/4 cup rice milk which I put into my hand food processor and whizzed up. (See below re hand processor for handy hint).

Next I sat the bread in the banana/milk mix only briefly as both breads fall apart really easy.

Then I cooked on our crepe pan with a decent amount of nuttelex. Quite tasty and both the kids enjoyed.

This hand food processor is one of the best things I have purchased. I bought one from Tupperwear for about 60 or 80 dollars and then good old Kmart came out with the same contraption recently so I bought one to take overseas and it is the best thing ever. I actually prefer it to the tupperwear one as it’s a larger blade and larger bowl. I highly recommend getting one!



With the gluten free ‘purebred’:

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