Blog; post allergist appointment

Blog; post allergist appointment

We went to the allergist this morning; this was his second appointment to see how things are progressing. I told her how he reacted still when we were in America and he had mango that had feta cheese washed off it and how he reacted in July still via my milk from me having something that was grilled on the same grill as egg.

Anyway, she said there is really not much point to doing the skin prick testing again, that it is often inaccurate for many reasons and that she wants us to slowly and carefully allergy challenge.

Because Brooklyn has reacted to ‘may contain traces of’ in the past, that would be our starting point:

Try (one at a time and space out the trials):

1. May contain traces of soy;
2. May contain traces of wheat;
3. May contain traces of gluten;
4. May contain traces of egg; and
5. May contain traces of dairy.

If we go okay from here we then try a baked in challenge. For example, a dairy, gluten, wheat free home baked cake with 1 egg in the whole cake baked and give him a bit then observe and so on and so fourth.

In the baked in challenge we could also try things cooked in soybean oil.

It is somewhat exciting and I am VERY hopeful that we may be able to introduce some more things but I am also concerned at the same time as we know he still reacted to dairy recently and I really don’t want to see him suffer.

I also don’t know what the action plan is if he is still reacting, all she said is to ring her and give her and update and we could re challenge in another six months time.

But what happens if he continues to react? I think that might mean that she can try immunotherapy? I really don’t know… I’m just guessing. I didn’t get to ask that specific question.

We also got out preschool paperwork filled out for next year and I am in the process of completing a document for them as to what he can and can’t eat and unsuspected items that contain the allergies that they need to be careful of – I am already nervous because they have mucked up our daughter’s and her only issues are wheat and gluten, his are a lot worse :/ so hopefully this will help!!

She also gave us an updated script for Neocate gold formula, it has been suggested to me by a few professionals that he should stay on formula for his two milk feeds per day (morning and before bed) for a bit longer to ensure he is getting enough nutrients, although she was very happy with the range of quality food that we are feeding him, the amount he eats and his weight/growth, everything in that respect is looking great.

I also asked her about myself and Bethenny. I will post that in a new blog at a later time to break up the post. I also have to start studying for an exam I have on Sunday!!

Meowmy x

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