Update on Brooklyn (post 12 month vax)

Update on Brooklyn

It’s been 3 almost 4 weeks since his 12 month vaccinations and his stomach still isn’t 100% (see below). He does however seem to be on the mend which I think is because he has 3 days’ worth of clarytine (suggested by allergist).

However I am not confident to do this again in 4 months’ time. I believe it may have been thw MMR vaccination (made from chicken fibroblast). People say this is chicken protein and should be okay however a fibroblast is also what they call an early stage egg and ASCIA talks about MMR and egg allergy so I am pretty damn sure it is egg.

There is no other explanation for his stomach. He has not had any new food. He is 100% well. I guess there is also a possibility he is allergic to something else that is in the vaccinations.

His reaction was a delayed reaction and more so points to a non IgE reaction which goes in line with what we are trying to get to the bottom of with our allergist, (whether he has IgE or non IgE allergies) see below for link regarding the difference.

I called Dr Sam Mehr’s office who specialises in non IgE allergies, so I am keen for advice from a specialist in the field. I told his office what has been happening post vaccinations and they recommended that we contact the Royal Children’s Hospital for an appointment there before his next vaccinations so I have done that.

I got the referral from the GP but it’s just a general referral “Thanks for seeing Brooklyn” whereas it needs the particulars of what has been happening in order for the clinic to triage Brooklyn with the view to seeing him ASAP. So I am going back to the Doctor today.

Yawn… it is tiring being your child’s biggest advocate, but if you don’t advocate for them then who else will? I am tired of seeing him suffer to no avail and not having the answers.

I even wrote up dot points on a document to reiterate to the Doctor what has been happening and what he is to put in the letter – LOL… my OCD/micro-management knows no bounds, but seriously, how much do I need to be dicked around? I am so sick of it..

Anyway I have to study again now :/ I feel guilty as I should be putting more time into studying for my last exam but I just don’t have the time to  I will just have to do what I can do because at the end of the day, my family comes first.

** He has Mucous poo + diarrhoea + related thirstiness, possible blood specs during the 3.5 weeks also. I didn’t want to post this above as it will show in the preview and it’s probably TMI for some people lol **

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