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I can totally understand why long term SAHM’s find it a bit hard. I find the main part is that it is lonely. You spend your whole day with little beings and as much as it is wonderful to be with them, you can’t communicate with them and spend time with them like you can with adults. You also can’t get things done you usually would to occupy yourself, everything is juggled around them. I am feeling this in the last 2 weeks since hubby has changed jobs back to 5 days on and 2 days off, from having 5 on, 4 off and it’s only early days where he is training & busy, later on he will be working from home set days per week, home earlier etc etc, it’s just this initial change is a bit hard.

It’s not that I struggle doing it on my own, I am very used to that, especially the dinner/bath/bed routine as I would often do that on my own on his work days, but just more the company that I miss. It’s kinda like you get trapped in the four walls that are your home and that is all you know.

I also find as a SAHM you don’t really get to have your own identity, your identity is your children, you live and do everything for them, and don’t get me wrong, this is how it should be, but to be honest sometimes I miss having my own goals & time.

I miss going to work achieving things and making progress. Whereas staying home you do the same tasks over and over with the same outcome. I think I am feeling a bit like this as well because the uni semester is over so I’m not doing my usual core uni work of a week and achieving something/making progress with that. As much as it’s wonderful to have a break, I think sadly I do miss it haha..

It’s hard as well as the thought for me of going to work, having a day “to myself” just sounds absolutely wonderful. I am currently quite jealous of my husband; going to work in the city (HELLO SHOPPING), work lunches, drinks etc.. it doesn’t really feel like I get to do many of those fun things at the moment, just home, uni and home work work work work … but anyway I have to remember it’s not forever. I am hoping to finish uni end of next year, then I will need to do my prac the year after and I can get back into the real world! It’s been 18 months now since I worked and I do really miss it.

Also, don’t get me wrong, I am completely grateful that I can stay home and be with our children whilst they are young and that I am not working plus studying or having to give up my degree to work instead as it is amazing to have this opportunity but just saying how I truthfully feel at this moment in time. It’s also bitter sweet as well because the moment you are away from your kids you miss them and feel lost without them haha.. X

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