Party and Christmas food ideas (dairy,egg,soy,wheat & gluten free)

With Christmas and lots of upcoming social events it gets you thinking what can I take to a party that I/my children can actually eat so I’ve made a list of party food (dairy/egg/soy/wheat/gluten free):

I will keep adding to the list as we go also.


• Obela Hommus dip

• Avocado dip (3 avocados, chopped spring onions & squeezed lemon – all into the food processor) tastes amazing with plain Doritos

• Doritos salsa

• Coles brown rice with seed & grain crackers

• Smith’s original chips

• Woolworths homebrand jelly babies and jubes

• Dip with carrot sticks, celery, cucumber

• Ginger chicken meatballs:

Side dishes & Mains:

• Potato salad:

• Potato bake with my tartare sauce hack:

• Chicken kebabs using honey bbq marinade or make your own with the same fresh ingredients

• Plain bbq meat – BE CAREFUL OF OILS especially spray oils, a lot contain soy

• Also be careful with salad dressings as some contain dairy/egg/soy

* Orgran have a vegetable (dairy/egg/soy/wheat/gluten free) gravy powder which is enjoyable:

* Ham – most whole leg ham is safe

* Prawns – if no shellfish allergies

Desserts/Sweet treats:

* Shortbread:

* Woolworths candy shaped marshmallows:

• Banana berry ice cream

• Aquafaba meringue

• Anything from WHOLEFOODSSIMPLY :

• Orgran chocolate mousse:

• Orgran cake (see bottom of page):

* Orgran custard mix or Well and Good custard mix: and (Personally I prefer the Well and Good brand made up with rice milk)

You can purchase Orgran at Coles, Health food shops, via their website direct and via Gluten free

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