Blog; food allergies and social events, one of the major downsides

With Christmas upcoming there will be plenty of social events so I plan to work out in advance what I am making and taking where I go.

I also need to work out what Brooklyn will eat. I think I will need to do a big casserole for him and freeze it as some back up meals for him.

I must admit I do find it hard occasionally because everywhere we go I have to take food for Brooklyn. That probably sounds lazy or bad, but just sometimes it is a bit annoying, I would love to just go somewhere spontaneous for once and just feed him ‘whatever’ or have food provided for him but with multiple food allergies that just doesn’t happen.

I find most people aren’t keen to try cater for him. Even me “just” being gluten free, not everyone will make the effort to cater for me, my family have certainly adapted to it but adding Brooklyn’s extra allergies into the mix most people just throw it in the too hard basket.

To be honest though, it’s not really that hard to cater for him. Think wholefoods, not processed foods. Cook them with safe oil (if required – as he can’t have soy and soy is in some oils) think meat/veg/fruit/natural gluten free grains and he is set. So I do find it a little frustrating that people aren’t keen to try more. For one I’d love a break occasionally but also because what happens if he doesn’t grow out of his allergies, what happens when he is older and more aware that he is missing out? Does he just have to then suck it up and watch everyone else eat and he has something boring? I guess so and Mumma has to work her bum off in advance for every single event to ensure he is included. Hmm… if I could have one thing for Christmas / New Year it would be for him to grow out of his allergies, or at least tolerate them a bit more.

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining, I know in my heart things could be so much worse and I am grateful for my cherubs every single moment of every single day and for their health but I am just keeping it real, as this is how it truly is with food allergies.

Meowmy X

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