Update re Westmead Hospital

Ok so Westmead want to see Brooklyn to ascertain what exactly his allergies are – iGe or non iGe mediated, or both.

The specialists there know a lot about Food Protein Induced Entercollitis which Brooklyn may have so it seems we are finally going to the right people.

I am quite surprised that going public has been better than going private. I will see what happens when this appointment is etc as to whether we still also see the private allergist and go with her plan of in hospital food trials next year.

They are going to be considering what has been happening with his vaccinations (post vaccination 3 week diarhoea + mucous + possible blood + associated extreme thirst). They are still saying it’s not the small amount of egg, but it might be something else in the vaccine he is reacting to.. hoping we may get an answer anyway and they are trying to get us in before he is due for his 18 month vax.

Their allergy specialist dietician called me. Happy with his growth. Happy with the range and amount that I am feeding him. He is on Neocate Gold formula twice a day – morning and before bed he has about 200mls. Only suggestion is that we may need to start to wean towards calcium fortified rice milk as it has more calcium than neocate (even regular rice milk = 300mg calcium per 250mg milk, whereas neocate is 210mg per 200ml made up formula).

They are happy that for his age (15 months) he is focusing more on food than milk now and noted it is good to cook with rice and almond milk to ensure he is getting sufficient calcium, which we do.

ASCIA has a guide to calcium requirements (page 3) for more info:

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