Blog; Do you struggle to leave your food allergy bubbas to be minded by others?

I must admit it still freaks me out a bit.

Brooklyn has had a couple of days already with his grandparents but I still get nervous.

We are going out tonight for my husband’s work Christmas party and I need to leave in the afternoon so they’ll do the dinner and bedtime thing.

I fully trust them and I’m not doubting them at all but it still makes me a bit nervous..

Two sets of pre dinner milks to be made – cows milk lurking (ick!) two of the same dinners, but it the kind of dinner where Bethenny may want added cheese, those silly little things I worry about.

Sometimes I think maybe I should just stay at home and always mind them, but you can’t live like that, Mumma deserves a break and to get out too! So off I will go and we will have a great night and I am sure everything will be fine, but I just still always have that concern and my OCD makes me leave long lists/notes of instructions and cautions to the bubba’s carers but they understand 🙂

The thing is I think every Mum stresses a bit leaving her little ones at home; food allergies or not, some might have other concerns like will their baby go to sleep for someone else etc etc, thankfully we don’t have this issue, which I am grateful for, but the thing is, it’s never easy for a Mumma to make time to go out and do things for herself, but regardless of whatever needs to be done, it is so important that Mumma’s do what they need to to get out of the house and get the break they deserve and need!

Meowmy X

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