Breakfast ideas for bubba – come at me please :)



Little man is still fighting me on his breakfast foods.

Lunch and dinner are fine because he mostly just feeds himself now, but breakfast, we still struggle with nutritious/filling finger foods for him and he rejects spoon feeding food now 9/10 times 

My aims for his breakfast are calcium + protein + fruit / veg goodness.

These are the things I’ve tried:
• Quinoa porridge – won’t be spoon fed, he will try a few spoonfuls on his own but then gives up
• Rice porridge – same story
• Chia pudding – he accepted recently however it seems to go straight through him undigested – is this normal??

He will eat:
• Bread with peanut butter / vege spread / nuttelex / avocado
• Rice cakes
• Fruit
• Pancakes – might need to make some protein pancakes so they are more filling

Other ideas I could make:
• Zucchini fritters
• Potato hash
• Pumpkin/sweet potato
• Bacon – occasionally only though
• Rice meatballs
• Sausages – occasionally only though
• Waffles – still not great nutritionally though
• Coconut yoghurt – he is not all that fussed on it either and I don’t blame him, it’s pretty gross!!

He is dairy/egg/soy/wheat & gluten free (not even traces of*).

Thank you !!

Meowmy x

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