Allergy bubba susceptible to ear infections

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it is a wonderful year for everyone!

We are going to have a very busy year with lots of hard work cut out for us but hopefully we can schedule in some down time too. I am looking forward to bubba’s Westmead appointment in March to get some answers and more of a plan.

But anyway with another year comes another ear infection for Brooklyn; grr!

With almost every food allergy reaction he has had in the recent months it has followed by an ear infection. I did hear that this is related as the food allergy reaction causes inflamation therefore it is an easy environment for infection.

It’s soo annoying. He hasn’t been 100% the last two weeks; two food reactions, one – definite (the other I’m not 100% sure), but that one seemed to be from grapes. Grapes are high in salicylates which he does not usually have a problem with but I think he may have consumed a lot, plus it’s the first time he’s had them so they are going on the unsafe list for now as it caused him bad stomach pains + he passed sooo much mucous so his gut was not at all happy.

Anyway he came good from that, had a bit of a virus over Christmas and had a red ear back then, started to come really good but was tugging at his ear again this morning and not happy lying down as his ear hurt so I got the home doctor out and as I thought it’s inflamed & infected. Doctor was good enough to give antibiotic ear drops this time.

It’s so frustrating, he has been sick so many more times in his life than Bethenny has been and has had antibiotics on a lot of those occasions which is even more frustrating when I am trying to build his gut health.

We might have to get a referral to an ENT because it’s happened way too many times, but the thing is, I know the cause is the food allergies and I do my best to avoid reactions but there are still some slip ups especially now that other people are minding him occasionally with my uni workload increasing. It is quite hard, so we might be in for a bit of a bumpy road this year.

If I could wish for anything this year, I would wish for his allergies to get better. I would say for him to completely outgrow them but it’s hard to get my hopes up as that seems just too good to imagine being true.

Meowmy x

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