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Sometimes it is easy to get disillusioned and just so busy in my degree that I forget where it is leading, even though I do enjoy the majority of the learnings, but little things remind me of my passion and get me so excited to finish it off.

I am so grateful that I know my legal rights within the world and that I will be able to help people know theirs and assert theirs.

I have won a lot of battles in life from knowing and asserting my rights.

For example, just today, my husband and I have an expensive high pressure hose from a really reputable brand – I won’t go into details as I prefer not to degrade them, however this tool is one of my favourites lol I clean out the back at least once a week with it.

Anyhoo, I was disappointed when the hose burst and I contacted them, their customer service was really poor in many ways but basically they denied liability and basically said I broke the hose. I finally spoke to someone on the phone today who told me a complex process to ensure that the hose does not coil and therefore snap.. I asked where these details are advised on the product or in the manual – they are not, he advised. So bzzt – right there, I have them..

The law is reasonable and common sense in a lot of aspects. If there is a special requirement, how is an everyday consumer meant to know what they are meant to do with a product unless the manufacturer, who is a specialist in the field, advises them of same?

Anyway, long story short, although not formally admitting liability, “in good faith” they are sending me a new one.

Why is it that I don’t just accept these things and move on? Because it is not fair, if I buy an expensive item I expect it to work well, if it requires special use in order not to easily break then I require to be advised of same so that I do not break it.

It is not fair for these large corporations to make all this profit and just assert their rights so that you have to spend more money, paying for something they should have told you to do in the first place.

I must admit, I do not fight every single battle, but some I do.

I cannot fully explain why or what it is about me, but I have this passion for fairness. I am extremely against larger and more powerful entities bullying smaller entities or people based on their size. It is wrong.

This can be applied to many areas and in many ways. I am very passionaite about what is right and wrong and about justice being done.

Meowmy x

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