Day care food list with warning of foods with hidden allergens

I did up this list for daycare but it is really helpful to have in general so I’ve actually added to it for adults too – so LOL don’t worry day care aren’t giving him wine (see below)!!!!

• Allergic to dairy/egg/soy/wheat/gluten

• Cannot even have items that say “may contain traces of” or “manufactured on lines of”

• Can’t have items cooked on the same grill as dairy/egg as it picks it up and makes him sick

• Please note LACTOSE FREE is not dairy free. He is allergic to the milk protein not just the lactose.

• Dairy includes goats milk/sheeps milk. It also includes butter.

Meal ideas:

• Plain meat; freshly cooked chicken breast (not processed as they can contain soy, milk & gluten), fresh lamb chops, plain mince, coles home brand sausages are currently all of his allergens free), home-made rissoles without egg, leg ham – not deli ham, but also still checking label as it can contain dairy, soy and gluten.

• Corn gluten free burritos are ok (mission brand)

• Corn Coles tacos are ok with mince and fresh ingredients.

• The only bolognaise sauce I use is barilla bolognaise sauce

• Some gluten free flour has milk or traces of. The only 2 brands I have found that don’t contain the allergens or traces of is the Aldi brand, Woolworths free from brand and Orgran brand –sold at coles.

• Fresh Salad; cucumber slices/tomato/Avocado etc

• Bio (non-dairy) cheese; sold at woolworths

• Fresh Fruit

• Rice milk

• Almond milk

• Nuttelex instead of margarine/butter

• Rice – must check that it doesn’t contain soy as some of them do

• Tinned tuna – again some of them contain soy so they must be checked

• Tinned salmon

• Fresh fish.

• Meatloaf with just mince/veggies/rice or quinoa and tomato sauce.. again tomato sauce can have soy, the one I use at home is coles homebrand and it currently doesn’t contain the allergens

• Egg replacement, there are a lot of items you can use instead of egg, I use soaked chia seeds or Orgran no egg egg replacement.

• Quinoa – check again for traces of allergens

• Gluten free spaghetti or pasta – some contain soy, the safe brands I have found are coles own brand spaghetti, bon tempo penne or spirals – sold at coles and aldi ‘has no’ brand spaghetti/spirals/penne

• OILs vegetable oils contain soy some canola oils contain soy. Spray oils contain soy so every oil must be checked. We use olive or coconut oil at home.

• For birthday day the same ice blocks Bethenny has (Berri fruit juice) are currently dairy/egg/soy/wheat/gluten free

• Bread; there are no supermarket breads that are all of free of all of his allergens. I use an orgran packet mix from the healthfood shop to make him bread at home

• Rice cakes

• He cannot have gluten free weetbix. Something about the gluten free Weetbix makes us all sick. If anything I give him Freedom brand cereals checking the labels everytime.

Adult items to watch for hidden allergens:

* Wine can contain dairy, egg and even fish as sometimes it is used in the refinement process

* Ice cream – obviously has dairy, but a lot of them also have wheat & gluten

* Milkshake syrups – often contain wheat

I will keep adding to this list as I think of extra items

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