Blog; Brooklyn’s naturopath appointment – food allergies, salicylate issues + gut health

So just before Christmas, Brooklyn started reacting to something new and it appears he is reacting to some salycilates.

Salycilate issues can be common to be alongside other food issues.

What are salicylates?

Salicylates are chemicals that occur naturally in many plants ā€“ they’re a kind of natural pesticide ā€“ to protect the plants against insects and diseases. Salicylates are just one group of the hundreds of compounds in foods that can have varying effects on us, depending on how much we eat and how sensitive we are.

What kinds of foods/products are they found in?

Salicylates are found in foods from plants: most fruit, some vegetables, herbs, spices, tea and flavour additives. For example, citrus fruit, berries, tomato sauce and mint flavouring are naturally high in salicylates and so are processed foods with those flavours.

Brooklyn has had issues with strawberries from when he first tried them but then just before Christmas he was given grapes and it had the same effect, but also now blueberries as well and kiwi fruit. TBH I don’t know why anyone gives babies grapes, they are a choking hazard, absolutely full of sugar and are very acidic, but anyway.

The thing is as well it seems quite hit and miss and he definetely has different thresholds so it’s not an allergy, it’s an intolerence (I might write a separate blog on this so that people understand the difference).

Blueberries he was ok with to begin with but when he reacted, he was given way too many, plus given kiwi fruit at the same time. Maybe a few of either in moderation is okay for him but more than that and he will react.

Here is the list that shows the differing levels of salycilates in fruits:

So anyway, when he was unwell (mucous poo->gut inflammation / diarhoea / stomach pains) I became a bit frustrated all over again trying to work out what the hell he is reacting to (wasn’t sure if it was traces of one of his allergens or what, was wrecking my brain trying to work it out), plus I thought that his list of can’t haves was closed, but apparantelly not.

But instead of continuing to just eliminate and do nothing else I decided it’s time to take my little man to see my naturopath.

I first saw my naturopath 6 years ago when my wheat/gluten allergy reared it’s ugly head. She was fabulous, she helped me work out what exactly I could eat and how I should be eating and I have never looked back, I learnt so much from her, she’s amazing.

I have always been focused on building Brooklyn’s gut health as it can help with food allergies and have done so with a probiotic and gut health building and anti inflamatory foods but I decided I needed help from the expert and that’s what I got.

She has given me some powder to put into his food or milk that will help re build his gut and we will add some more supplements/vitamins/minerals over the next couple of months but one at a time to ensure he doesn’t react; which I am very glad she suggested as even that was one thing I was concerned about!

Another thing I am happy about is I completed a food diary for my naturopath as to what he ate for a few days and her comment was ‘continue excellent clean eating‘, it’s like getting an A+ on my Mummy report card. Yay.

So will be interested to see how he goes, I don’t want his stomach to get any more sensitive, I want to get on top of it and I want him to be able to have more foods not less so I feel like this is a step in the right direction.

Meowmy x

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