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I’m inspired to talk about this as there are common misconceptions about this and I often get asked questions about this.

Please take note though before reading, I have absolutely no skill or profession in this area I am merely stating our experience and my perceptive of what I have learnt along the way. So feel free to take it as a grain of salt and look into more yourself or ask professionals for clarification etc.

Food allergies

Food allergies are when the immune system reacts to something that is usually harmless but the body instead produces allergy antibodies which will evidence in the way of; hives, swelling (lips, eyes, face), vomiting, wheezing. Reactions can be mild to severe. Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of an allergic reaction.

With food allergies, people do not have a ‘threshold’ to the allergen item, their body can and most likely will react to microscopic traces.

Whereas, with food intolerances, the person’s body has a threshold where they can eat some of the food but won’t notice a reaction until they reach that threshold.

For Brooklyn he gets; hives/welts, stomach pains, eczema, passing of blood and or mucous. He does not have a threshold and cannot stomach even traces or cross contamination of food with his food allergens. I am somewhat the same but I will explain mine in a more detailed post at a later stage.

Food intolerance

As I have mentioned above, food intolerances have a threshold as to how much they can eat before they see a reaction.

Typical reactions are headaches, bloating, stomach upset.

Common question; is there a problem with often having diarhoea or mucousy poo from a food related issue?

I say YES because this suggests gut inflammation plus you are passing out a lot of food goodness. If you have gut inflammation the following things happen;

1. You may not be absorbing nutrients because they are passing straight through, or your gut lining is permeable and not absorbing the nutrients.

2. It causes inflammation which puts pressure on other parts of your body.

3. It affects your immune system’s ability to fight off bugs.

There is a tonne of more detailed information on the ASCIA and royal Children’s Hospital website, especially in relation to differing between types of food allergies – see below under resources.

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