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We’ve had a bit of a crazy week from Bethenny having a new allergic reaction to a spider bite (large hives) to her now also being referred to Westmead allergy clinic for further investigation to Brooklyn also grabbing and shoving allergy foods in his mouth once grabbing something off a high bench that we managed to pry out just in time and then a second time today he took a sandwich off another child at school which was wheat bread with butter :O but they were straight onto it and pried it out of his mouth too.

Anti-histamines were given as a precaution and we haven’t seen any moderate risk of anaphylaxis symptoms so that is good, scary, nonetheless, I had a feeling things like this would start to happen because he’s too young to know otherwise. I’m always super careful and keep things away from him but unfortunately not everyone else is the same.

It got me thinking though, most people don’t understand what reactions my children have and what to watch for – the ASCIA action plans are a bit brief for my liking so I did up these info charts (below).

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but I am feeling a bit more on top of it with the plan and also doing up things like this to create awareness for those around us make me feel better prepared.

Also.. Beware non allergy peeps may the info charts may be TMI!!

Meowmy x
Allergy info – Bethenny

Food Allergies: Wheat and gluten

• Cannot even tolerate small amounts.
• Cannot have items that state on the packet “may contain traces of” or “manufactured/processed with wheat/gluten” or cross contamination with food prep


From what we have observed it is a delayed reaction from a 2 hours or so after exposure – profuse diarrhoea, passing of mucous and sometimes blood, stomach pains then constipation.
We have been advised to watch for any anaphylaxis signs in case it progresses to an anaphylactic reaction.

Action required:
If it is known that Bethenny has accidentally ingested wheat an anti-histamine should be given as suggested by allergist.

Mosquito bite allergy:

Bites come up larger than what they do for everyone else and they cause more discomfort

Action required:

I usually treat with a topical cream to assist comfort

Spider/insect allergy
• Multiple large hives that grow with size up to a cup size

Action required:
• Anti-histamine
• Topical steroid cream (From home)
• Watch for anaphylaxis – Doctor has warned of the allergy quickly changing

Long term plan:

Referred to Westmead allergy specialist clinic for further information and long term plan.

Allergy info – Brooklyn

Food allergies: dairy, egg, soy, wheat and gluten

• Cannot even tolerate small amounts.
• Cannot have items that state on the packet “may contain traces of” or “manufactured/processed with wheat/gluten/dairy/egg/soy” or cross contamination with food prep

• It is hard to know Brooklyn’s reaction as all we have observed to date is Brooklyn reacting via breastmilk to even ‘traces’ of me having the allergies in the past. The allergist suggests it is a bad allergy if he reacted this way.

• We have also seen him react to traces via cross contamination but he has never consumed a considerable amount direct so we do not know what the outcome may be.

• Reactions in the past have been: red ‘allergy shiner’ bottom lid of eyes, hives around eyes, mouth, eczema all over body, itchy eyes and nose. These reactions point to a moderate risk of anaphylaxis therefore the Doctors and allergist have advised us to eliminate all including traces of the allergens until further notice.

• Additional reactions in the past: these are more the delayed reactions which can occur from 2 hours after he ingests the food; passing wind, stomach pains – he screams and goes backwards in pain, not much will console him when he has these pains it will often affect his ability to stay asleep for long, he will typically wake up in pain. Multiple episodes of diarrhoea mucous and blood will sometimes present then the diarrhea will turn into constipation.

Action required:

• Call Mum/Dad then administer anti histamine. This will assist with symptoms. Watch closely for anaphylactic reaction in case his reaction quickly changes as we have been warned of.

Long term plan:

Attending Westmead allergy specialists March 2017 for further allergy testing to ascertain types of allergies (IgE or non IgE or both) therefore expected reaction and discuss long term plan.

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