Blog; (Rant) on Doctors and food allergies

Alright so this might annoy some people because Doctors are meant to be people that help us and are the gospel on things, but unfortunately they are failing a lot of children and parents when it comes to food allergies.

Time and time again I see people saying their babies are reacting to foods through the Mother’s milk and these aren’t just small symptoms, these are hives, passing of blood etc and the Doctors aren’t doing anything about it and aren’t making any suggestions a lot of them have no idea about food allergies yet food allergies are becoming more and more prominent so they really need to get on top of it.

ASCIA – the leading allergy body in the country have released an updated statement on infant’s food allergies so I have absolutely no idea why the Doctors are not being guided by this.

The ASCIA guidelines recommend removal for food protein induced proctocolitis which funnily enough is very common for infants to have from cows milk and soy. See extract taken from the ASCIA article:

Sydrome: Food protein-induced proctocolitis
Age: First weeks – months of life
Symptoms: Isolated bloody stools, otherwise well and thriving
Causal foods Cow’s milk, soy drink, breastfed (50%)
Treatment: [maternal] Dietary manipulation OR hypoallergenic infant formula

Food protein-induced proctocolitis:
 Continue breastfeeding if possible
 Maternal dietary exclusion of suspect food/s
Formula options:
 eHF
 Use AAF if eHF not tolerated

The Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne are saying the same thing (see end of page 2):

I understand that food intolerances might be a slightly different approach and it can be hard to differentiate between the two symptoms, however one major factor is that with intolerance the infant would have a threshold, therefore the infant can tolerate a small amount of the item and I can understand why they suggest in this case that you might be able to gradually increase the amount they have to build their tolerance, however, continuing to give offending foods to a suffering infant directly or via maternal diet whose symptoms point to an IgE or non IgE allergy just seems insane and it goes against the ASCIA and RPA guidelines…

End rant….

Meowmy x

PS this is their article on food intolerances: not sure if it’s of any use as our symptoms are allergic symptoms not intolerance so I know less about intolerances 🙂

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