Blog; Last week de-brief – grommets, illness, possible reaction

Brooklyn got his first day care bug last weekend he was unwell with high temps, virus type symptoms and he vomited. He was well again for Tuesday when he was booked for his grommet surgery so that was good that we didn’t have to postpone that.

With his grommets, he has had glue ear the last few months – fluid stuck in the eustachian tube, this is common with kids but also more common with food allergy kids as inflammation from reactions inflames the eustachian tube making it even harder for any fluid to pass. So he would tug at his ears often and when he would lie down he would often want to sip water or be propped upright for a minute before going back down in order to try pop the pressure in his ears, so I am glad we got it sorted for him.

The surgery was really quick and easy, I stayed with him until he was asleep, they gave me a buzzer, I went and sat in the cafe for exactly 20 minutes then it went off which meant he was back in recovery, awake and wanting me. They wake up quite distraught as they don’t know what is going on so he was happy to see me and happy to finally be able to have something to eat and drink (you aren’t allowed to on the day of the surgery).

He was really good this whole day when we got back home etc he had his usual sleeps and was just extra cuddly which was nice.

But then the next day he was unwell again with high temps, refused breakfast and then fell back to sleep on me at 9am, which he never does and he stayed there until 11am.

I cancelled everything that was on this day- gym, Bethenny’s ballet and lunch with a friend, it’s lucky I did as he was miserable all day. I took him back to the Doctor and I also called the ENT and they just said it was a return of the virus.

I forgot to mention as well, after the surgery he had stomach pains and was passing wind and had red dots above his eyes and red underneath his eyes so I was suspicious of a reaction, I didn’t say anything to the hospital as it seemed to clear, but then that night he had explosive diarrhea in the night so I also spoke to the anaethetist the next day and she thinks it might have been a reaction to something so she sent me a list of what he was given so it’s another thing we will need to speak to Westmead about at his appointment later this month.

He is on the mend now and is SUPER happy, no longer tugging his ears. A lot of fluid and yucky stuff is still coming out (which is normal and we were told to expect).

Meowmy x

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