Blog; We are off to Westmead allergy/immunology on Tuesday….

Hi everyone, I am officially procrastinating my uni work, I’m just not in the mood to start reading yet.. naughty naughty.. anyhoo, Brooklyn is going to Westmead on Tuesday for hopefully some answers.

To refresh – the local allergist does not seem to have a lot of knowledge about non IGE allergies and seems to think there are IGE allergies and intolerance but doesn’t have much knowledge of the in between.

Brooklyn’s are allergies without a doubt because he can’t even have minute traces. Intolerance tend to have a threshold before reacting and the reactions are not as severe as his are. The Emergency Department and Pediatrician also initially diagnosed as allergic colitis.

I think some of his might be non iGe allergies, although I do also think some are mixed as he does have some iGe symptoms, he also has some FPIES symptoms so I want it all clarified.

The allergist also did not do repeat skin prick testing at his recent appointment so they will do this on Tuesday. I’m also going to ask for RAST testing as I hear this is good to pick up non iGe allergies – correct me if I’m wrong??

I have typed up my list as to what I want answered and what I want to achieve from the appointment so that I don’t go home and kick myself for forgetting things as I have been waiting a while for this appointment.

Another thing I need to query them about is his reactions to vaccinations and also that he seemed to react to the anesthetics/medication he had when he had his grommets.

So yes interesting times ahead.. I shall let you know how we go.

Meowmy x

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