Blog; further update re soy controlled trial

I heard back from the allergist. I am so grateful and appreciative to have someone that is reliable and returns my phone calls especially someone in the public system who is limited in time and resources.

He confirmed what I thought; mucous & wind are indicia of a reaction and gut inflammation so we should not go forward on the soy ladder just yet, however, if Brooklyn’s general wellbeing is OK and we do not see worsened symptoms (blood, refusal of food, eczema etc) then we can routinely give the same small amount of the step 1 soy ladder to slowly try and build tolerance.

He reiterated that it will still take time and that protein allergies are more commonly ‘grown out of’ by 2 years of age (Brooklyn is 19 months old). I’m still nervous of the possibility though of him not growing out of them, but hopefully he will…..

I am also a bit concerned about inflammation and the pressure it puts on other parts of the body. The allergist is of the impression that the inflammation is localised but I don’t know that I believe this. So my new questions are; is this bit of inflammation going to have a bad impact on him in general; am I sending his gut health backwards?

I will keep doing what we are doing to try counteract this inflammation; continue his probiotics and gastro health practitioner only powder and anti-inflammatory foods. Any assistance/tips in this regard would be much appreciated xx

Update this morning; nappy was fine, yesterday day care said his nappy was in between, not completely sloppy but not completely formed; hard to say whether it had mucous without me seeing it so I might repeat the same level trial in another week or so when I can fully inspect for myself and go from there..

If this was a reaction, his reaction has improved which is a great sign and something I should focus on, but I was just a bit disappointed at the possibility of a reaction as it’s frustrating to see a possible fail at Step 1/5 of his allergens and step 1/7 on this trial ladder, it’s an early kick in the teeth but it will take time and any improvement is positive so have to keep my chin up!

Meowmy x

PS this is something I wrote when I was a bit annoyed yesterday;

I’m a bit upset considering Brooklyn’s failed soy trial.

It gets me thinking; why do I care about him having food allergies, why is it necessary that he eats dairy/egg/wheat/soy when he is thriving on the food that he eats and eats really healthy?

The thing that bothers me about it is his exclusion from everyday life.

He can’t eat out because there is hardly anywhere that provides food that excludes the allergens, or if they do, cross contamination usually makes him sick plus it’s such an ordeal just to order a meal, people don’t understand it, it’s confronting, awkward, time consuming, frustrating.

He can’t eat food at kids birthday parties.

You have to watch what he eats and watch him around other kids that he doesn’t eat the wrong thing or steal someone else’s food, he can’t just have fun and live a normal life.

He is excluded at other major events; Easter, Christmas, Family events – not many people want to even try to cater for him. (Hint: refer to my website – there are plenty of easy recipes and products on there).

That is the part I HATE.

It’s not about the food per se but it’s our society and our relationship with food and the fact other people don’t try to include him.

It’s all me, I have to do all of the work, I have to continuously watch him at parties, move food away, bark at people who put him at risk and do so much extra work just to see him live a relatively normal life; so it’s about me too I guess, but mainly him, I don’t want him to be the odd one out. I don’t want him to miss out, it’s totally unfair.
I know this might seem silly in the scheme of things, some people in life have so much worse – I totally acknowledge that, but this is the reality of it for us and just how I feel about it.

If I could just magically erase it that would be great.

And having a reaction still to soy pisses me off. Soy is in so many god damn things. If we could just claw back one of the allergies it could make life so much easier.

So f you food allergies. I am not happy with you today.

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