Blog; third update regarding Brooklyn’s controlled soy trial

Please read my previous blogs regarding the soy trial to get the background. Long winded blog and a lot of talk about poo **warning**.

Update 26 April 2017;

I tried half a biscuit which contained soy flour at 8am so I could observe him all day long for reactions. What I observed was; 12noon he passed wind once, wasn’t in pain, then did a poo, had his full usual day sleep, ate meals as usual, 6pm saw the same thing again; passed wind once, not in pain and did a poo.

He was a little bit “witchy” in the afternoon but this could be put down to hunger or teething, although I guess it is possible his tummy was sore, but behaviour things have never really been an indication for us of a reaction, it’s always been more than that that evidences a reaction.

The 6pm poo would be his third poo for the day which is not like him and is suggestive towards a reaction however the poo was normal, not diarhoea and no mucous. Night and next day all normal.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but the way I am thinking of it is maybe his body reacted a little the first and second time more so because his body isn’t used to it, not because it is rejecting it generally but more so like what is this!? that possible?

Anyway I’ll give it another week and I will buy some bread that has some soy flour – possibly more than the biscuit and give him a slice and see how we go.

I am sooo hopeful that we are on the way to passing soy in general. That would be AMAZING.

Update 7 May 2017

I bit the bullet and gave him a slice of “Zehnder” Bread which is gluten/dairy/egg free but contains soy flour. I did not notice anything at all, no tummy pains, no wind, nothing!

Next day he didn’t do his usual poo and this concerned me a little that maybe we went the other way (from diarrhea to constipation as a reaction) but then he did one in the night and it was okay. Sunday morning was fine again but then he did about 3 more poo’s that day – not mucousy, also could be related to traces from something else so I’m not 100% sure.

11 May 2017

He had a bit more bread during this week as well and he’s been quite normal, yesterday he pooed a bit more than he usually does but again I don’t know if it’s the soy or something that day care gave him as there is a new chef and he was also given corn which causes a bit of inflammation for him and his poo did look slightly mucousy – suggests inflammation.

So I will pull right back for the moment and let his gut go back to normal then take it from there. He is also cutting two molars so it COULD be that but I’m always quite reluctant to blame teething.

I am unsure whether this is a pass for level 1 of the soy ladder but it is certainly an improvement from the past which is a good sign.

Once his gut seems a bit more regulated then I will try step 2 of the soy ladder; baked soy sauce to give us a better indication of how he is going. I am really pleased that he hasn’t been in pain so will see how things go.

In case you are wondering why I’d even want to give him soy, it’s to make his life easier, not because he is going to proactively eat a tonne of soy it’s just that it is in so many everyday things and before he could not even tolerate traces so it will help if his allergy has improved.

It is also somewhat of an indication and possibly helpful towards reducing his dairy allergy, as the soy and dairy proteins are quite similar, although he has never reacted as bad to soy as dairy.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Meowmy X

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