Blog; Milk alternate sources for cows milk protein allergy babies/children

Milk alternate sources for cows milk protein allergy babies;

My little man has been on neocate amino formula since I weaned him from breastfeeding at 12 months of age. He is 20 months old now.

Recently he hasn’t been drinking it much; I still offer it twice a day; when he wakes and before bed at night but he’s hardly been touching it and when it came to preparing it last night he said ” rice mare” – mare = milk.

He has definitely been preferring rice milk lately but even that he’s pulled back on a bit. He has always loved his solids and we have no issues with getting him to eat a good amount of what he can eat.

ASCIA recommend for babies who are allergic to Dairy and Soy to have amino based formula until 2 years of age, they say this because they say the plant based milks don’t have enough nutrients for the allergic child.

Dieticians however seem to suggest calcium fortified rice milk because it is higher in calcium than neocate, however they only suggest this if the child is eating solids well and eating a good mix of whole foods where they are likely to derive their nutritional requirements from.

There are of course also babies who can’t have rice so then they would suggest other milk alternatives, there’s quite a few; oat, almond, coconut, macadamia & probably more that I can’t think of.

ASCIA info sheet:

We now have about 10 tins of neocate left and I’m not sure what we will do with them. I am so grateful for the PBS as neocate is worth a few hundred dollars however the allergist sought approval for our script and instead we would pay $40.

Baby boy is growing up !

Meowmy x

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    1. Yes that’s right, the allergy in Australia is called a cows milk protein allergy because the child is allergic to a milk protein or multiple milk proteins, they call it this to differentiate it from lactose intolerance.

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