Blog; Latest on our baby boy soy trials etc

Latest on our baby boy soy trials etc

I thought I would put in an update as it’s been a while 🙂

I am not really sure where we are at with soy to be honest, he had soy flour (toast) for a few days in a row and on the third day he showed a bit of symptoms mainly passing a bit of mucous and not 100% himself, it’s nothing like it used to be and it is a huge improvement so will just give it a bit of a break as it’s kinda inconclusive at this point.

He’s also been a bit one extreme to the other where he is passing mucous or then not passing anything at all for a day, which I don’t like, as usually he will poo every day, this is also suggestive of a reaction as it’s not really a normal function.
But it is really hard to know what the go is, he has been getting so many teeth through, he’s only got a few left for him to have his full set, it could be related to teething but I don’t know.

It also hasn’t changed since we have stopped the soy trials so it must be something else.

He doesn’t seem to have had any allergens, we have gone back to the food diary with his preschool just in case. The only other thing I am suspicious of is whether it is related to salycilates as he does seem to have a bit of a threshold with mandarins which are high salycilates. We let him have one yesterday then Bethenny gave her the majority of hers too so he ate almost two and this morning he has now had mucousy poo, but then again, he has also cut a bit of a tooth through last night, he also woke at some point screaming in pain, nurofen settled him and he went back to sleep about 20 minutes later, so it’s sooo hard to know.

I just worry that if the mucous is from inflammation that that is really bad because it can cause so many other issues from infections to even putting pressure on all of his organs that have to work super hard to flush whatever it is his body is rejecting to.

I will definitely see how he goes in the next few days and might put in a call to his allergist.

Meowmy x