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So it’s been a while, life has been busy, but writing my update tonight for my food allergy friends allergy awareness month gave me a sense of gratitude as to how far we have actually come.

I remember when we didn’t have a label or know what Brooklyn’s food allergies actually were – iGe and at risk of anaphylaxis – some things pointed to that as he appeared to get hives from some foods, at one point I also considered FPIES because he had profuse diarhoea for 3 weeks following his 12 months vaccinations *note – not anti vax, you will see my blogs, we received advice, were educated and proceeded on that basis.*

But we actually really went back to what the ED and Paed initially said – allergic collitis/proctocollitis, we just seem to have been caught in a web of medical practitioner’s who knew nothing about these non iGe allergies along the way that made the lines a little grey so I am so GRATEFUL we have an amazing allergist we now work with every step along the way.

Little man is thriving and I can confidently say he is improving.

We have still seen some reactions to his soy trials – this is the only one we have tried so far. We will do wheat next, I keep procrasting, but we will do it.

But even his reactions with soy have been heaps better, he isn’t in extreme pain and the symptoms subside typically after 24 hours which is amazing as it used to be around 4 days. He also has not had any eczema in AGES.

He loves his food he can eat *I am so sorry if this is a sore point for some people I really am, my heart goes out to you and I can only hope that things improve for you too*

We have been able to get a little more spontaneous and not be so withheld by the allergies.

Things are looking up although there is still a long road ahead.

How are things progressing for you? Would love to hear.

Meowmy x

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