Blog/rant; Reaction or illness and now possibly teething tummy too

On Monday we had our usual morning; breaky at home then off to gym and creche for my babies.. Got home and about an hour after lunch Brooklyn had explosive diarrhoea which I thought was weird but he seemed okay in himself so he went down for his usual sleep about 2pm. At 2.40pm he wakes crying and in pain, lies on me but will not sleep, has stomach cramps and then profuse diarhoea right up until 6.00pm.

Wracking my brain, what the hell happened, he was fine otherwise in himself, did not seem unwell, was not vomiting so I thought I don’t think it’s gastro. So I can only think he has had an allergen.

I called creche to check if there was any possibility that he accidentally took another child’s bottle of milk or anything but they said no – I take this opportunity to say my creche are FABULOUS, there is a no food in creche policy and they told me over the phone that any bottles are given in the babies only area and whilst the babies are secured in their pram and Brooklyn no longer goes in that section.

Anyway, I remembered that Bethenny and Brooklyn sat at their little craft table for breaky as Brooklyn again refused his high chair, and I remembered further that I was quickly grabbing myself something to eat after they had their breaky therefore I wasn’t watching them for a few seconds, which I don’t usually do. So I asked Bethenny and she said she did give him some of her toast – ICK!! it has egg in the actual bread itself.

And if this is the case, I am back to thinking Brooklyn has FPIES which is what I thought quite sime time ago. A lot of fpies talks about vomiting but I know people whose children have fpies and don’t vomit.

The scary thing as well is if it was the bread, he would have had hardly any of it because I would have seen it. The good thing is that we haven’t seen a reaction like this in almost a year, but it’s still frustrating if his egg (& potentially dairy too) issues have not improved.

It also gets me thinking , it’s frustrating if people undermine food issues “oh it’s just a little bit ” or “it’s just a bit of diarrhoea” sorry but it’s not…

Tiny traces of his allergens can cause a full blown reaction for him; egg on a grill, poorly cleaned, crumbs in a toaster, cheese that has touched a salad even if separated and not eaten.

Diarrhoea in the short term can cause dehydration, shock; low blood pressure, low temperature but even worse in the long term can cause malnutrition, malabsorption, pressure on organs for example the liver to have to cleanse the body. Inflammation from the reaction can also affect other areas which can cause a myriad of infections.

Lastly there is still a possibility it might have been gastro and Bethenny might have been wrong since I directly asked her about the bread, she has never once given him anything in the past and is really switched on and curious about his allergies so I do have my doubts but the thing is I will never know.

Also, further, his tummy still has not been great this second half of the week, it has improved from the start of the week but it’s still not great, he has also stirred a bit in the night which he doesn’t normally do, but he is cutting four teeth through so it could be that.

I will wait and see how he goes but if it doesn’t subside when the teeth are through I will be going for a calcoprectin test and making solid plans from there.

How is everyone else going? How do you handle reactions?

I think they suck sooo much. Monday was the worse, I sat there for 4 hours with him nappy after nappy and he screamed with a sore bum, I couldn’t do anything and couldn’t move.

But even just the mucousy and not fully formed stuff that makes me question what is going on like he’s had the last few days also drives me batty because I just don’t have the answer. I do think it is possibly teething, I have gone through this almost every time he has cut a tooth but because of his allergies I just second guess myself and drive myself batty in the process feeling like we are going backwards again. Things will get better though again in time.

Meowmy x

2 thoughts on “Blog/rant; Reaction or illness and now possibly teething tummy too

  1. My daughter has FPIES. She just turned one and has no “safe” foods yet. She has had 3 acute reactions (vomit to shock), but most of her reactions are chronic (mucous/diarrhea, fussy and stomach pain). It is heart breaking and so stressful. I am so worried all the time she will get something she shouldn’t. We still don’t know all the foods she is allergic too yet. I wish you the best of luck and strength for this hard journey.

    1. Hi Jessica, aw that’s hard that she has no safe foods yet, very stressful 🙁 I hope that things improve for you as well. It’s so interesting that I’m back to thinking he is FPIES to egg and probably dairy too and not just allergic collitis, I thought this initially and I swear Mum instinct is correct! I am going to raise it again with the allergist next month.

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