Blog; how to shop and meal prep with multiple food allergies

One of the most daunting tasks when finding out that you need to eliminate food from your diet or your child’s diet is the thought of food shopping, so I thought I’d give some tips on how we do it to make it a bit easier;

• Write a meal plan for dinners

I usually do two weeks so I purchase the meat and non perishable items so that I have the basics ready to go and that way only need to get the fresh stuff on a day to day basis.

I have some of my previous meal plans and recipe ideas here:

• Try and get a rough idea of breakfasts/lunches/snacks for the week too so you can get it all at once.

Allergy friendly breakfast ideas:

Allergy friendly lunch ideas:

• Shop online

The only difficulty with this is that not all products show their ingredients, I know most of them quite well now and if the supermarket website doesn’t show same then I look for the product’s actual website.

The longer you do it as well the easier it will become and you’ll know your go to brands for future shops.

Bare in mind as well that you can refund/exchange if you realise that when you receive your groceries that a product doesn’t meet your requirements.

• Be safe

Be sure to check every label when you pack your groceries away. The hard work has been done for you by someone doing the shop and delivering it so this only takes a few seconds to double check as you pack it away.

• Alternate method

You can do this at the shop yourself if preferred, but just be sure to meal plan.

If I do a shop in person then I tend to go to a shopping centre so that I can grab my faves from different places, this is probably a bit more cost effective too but it’s just time consuming. I will tend to go to the butcher, Woolworths, Coles & Aldi as they all have different suitable goodies for us.

• Product list

Check out my products list for some foods that are free from our allergens (dairy, egg, soy, wheat & gluten).

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